What Type of Grill is Right for Me?

Have you ever started researching which Green Mountain Grill would be perfect for your backyard… only to become overwhelmed by the different choices? Why would you need WiFi on your grill? What’s the deal with those wood pellets, anyway? Where can I buy a Green Mountain Grill? What type of grill is right for me? Let’s try to answer some of those questions for you.

When it comes to Green Mountain Grills, there really is no bad choice. It just comes down to which grill is right for you!

Choice Grills 

Green Mountain Grills has two lines of grills to choose from: Choice grills and Prime grills. GMG Choice grills offer excellent, high-tech performance at an affordable price. GMG’s Choice line has been around for 11 years, giving plenty of time to develop the perfect grill to fit your needs. Choice grills come with some impressive features like digital controls and a meat probe. This means you don’t have to babysit these grills. And you can still serve beautifully cooked meals! All of the Green Mountain Grills use the wood-pellet technology to achieve an even heat distribution with the help of the convection-style grill chamber design. An auger moves the wood pellets from the hopper to the burn chamber. The wood pellets burn so efficiently that they maintain an even cooking temperature in your grill — and they leave almost no waste. 

If you’re interested in adding an amazing grill to your backyard experience then look no further than the Green Mountain choice grills from A-Quality Pool Service!

Our Choice Recommendation

If the Choice grill line sounds like the type of grill for you, then we recommend the Jim Bowie Choice-Black. This grill boasts all the bells and whistles of Green Mountain Grills, while sitting at an affordable price point. And with a 640 square inch cooking surface, you’ll be able to cook for everyone who shows up at your house for any occasion. 

Prime Grills 

If you’re looking to really show up to the backyard grilling games, then you should consider Green Mountain Grills’ line of Prime grills. GMGs’ line of Prime grills boast all of the same features as the Choice line, but with a few notable upgrades like a collapsible front shelf and reinforced grilling grates. Prime grills have a new viewing window in the grill top and the pellet hopper, so you can keep an eye on your culinary creation without losing any of that amazing smoke flavor. And the biggest difference between the Choice line and the Prime line? WiFi. GMG Prime grills have a WiFi feature that allows you to control temperature and monitor your grilling from anywhere using an app on your smartphone!

Our Prime Recommendation

Are you convinced that you need a Green Mountain Grill from the Prime line? We like the Jim Bowie Prime Plus WiFi-Black. The sleek finish on this grill is the perfect centerpiece for any backyard haven! With an expansive 658 square inches of cooking surface, you can spend more time with your family and less time tending to the grill.

Any season is the perfect season for grilling to perfection. Let A-Quality help you choose what type of grill is right for you! Contact us today or stop in our showroom to pick out your perfect Green Mountain Grill. With a Choice or Prime grill, your home will be the talk of the town.

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