What’s Involved in a Pool Deck Renovation?

What’s Involved in a Pool Deck Renovation

We get it: life is busy, your schedule is complex, and you work hard! You need a place at home to retreat and unwind. And there is no better place to relax after a long day than poolside. With a pool deck renovation, you can create a pool surround that brings you joy and enhances relaxation. What’s involved in a pool deck renovation? A pool deck renovation can increase both the design and function of your deck area. Here are a few considerations as you think about a pool deck renovation. 

Is It Time for a Pool Deck Renovation?

Whether you inherited your pool from a previous homeowner or built it new yourself, a pool deck doesn’t last forever. Weathering, growing tree roots, pool chemicals, and aging materials can all affect the condition of your pool deck. If you observe cracks or crumbling in the concrete, faded colors, splintered or soft wood, constant algae growth, or other similar issues with soundness, it is most likely time for pool deck renovation. Many of these concerns are not only an eyesore but can become a safety issue if not addressed.

Additionally, a pool deck renovation is a good idea if you desire a new look and enhanced backyard aesthetics. You want to feel comfortable, relaxed, and at ease while poolside. A pool deck renovation can modernize your backyard and help you create the oasis you desire.

What Does Pool Deck Renovation Include?

Renovating your pool deck can be as small or large of a project as you want. Pool deck renovation most commonly involves resurfacing the deck and coping with modern tiles, stone, composite, or other material. Additionally, deck renovations include repouring and repairing concrete, making adjustments to the underlying soil or root patterns, repainting or recoating surfaces, adjustments to the deck shape and size, and more! The length of time for a pool deck renovation can vary greatly based on the extent and complexity of the project. 

Pick an Experienced Pool Renovation Company 

Using an experienced and trustworthy pool renovation company will give you peace of mind, an end product you love, and knowledge that you won’t need another pool deck renovation any time soon. At A-Quality Pools, we have been in the pool industry for over 45 years and proudly serve the people of North Richland Hills, Fort Worth, North Lake, Tarrant County, and the surrounding areas. In addition, you want to pick a pool renovation company that has stellar reviews from past clients. Check out A-Quality Pool’s excellent reviews from satisfied customers.

Design the Pool Deck You Desire

At A-Quality Pools, we can help you design, create, and install the pool surround of your dreams. After visiting your pool site and diagnosing any concerns, we will sit down with you to discuss your desires for your pool deck renovation. Together, we will create a full plan for your backyard pool area that repairs any issues, meets your wishes, and fits in your budget.

Let us help you with your backyard dreams and pool deck renovation. If you’d like to schedule an inspection of your pool deck and learn more about the pool renovation process, give us a call at 817-587-8674. We look forward to helping you transform your pool deck into a place you can relax, unwind, and enjoy all year long. Contact us to get started today!

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