What’s the Difference Between Choice and Prime Green Mountain Grills?

What's the Difference Between Choice and Prime Green Mountain Grills?

In the last year, Green Mountain Grills has rolled out some updates to their grills and grill features. You may notice their grill lines now have new names as well as a new, sleek look. So, what’s the difference between Choice and Prime Green Mountain Grills?

Don’t worry, Green Mountain Grills is still the high-quality wood pellet grill you’ve always loved. Get the same wood fire flavor with a fresh new look and a few amazing changes. At A-Quality Pools, we are the top choice for pellet grills in the North Richland Hills area and can help answer your questions about Green Mountain Grills.

Choice Green Mountain Grill

From the start, Green Mountain Grills’ Choice line of grills has been an excellent, dependable wood pellet grill for the backyard pit master. In the past, the Choice line did not include WiFi capabilities. But now, GMG Choice grills include this exciting and very useful feature! Control and monitor your grill from anywhere using the Green Mountain Grills’ app.

The Choice line includes the Green Mountain signature peaked lid that creates a large cooking area. In the Daniel Boone Wi-Fi grill, the cooking area is over 450 square inches of space with a 13.5-inch vertical clearance. The Choice pellet grills also includes a work tray, utensil hooks, Sense-Mate thermal sensor, and a venturi-style firebox for maximum efficiency. A Choice Green Mountain Grill is an excellent pellet grill for creating mouthwatering dishes.

Prime Green Mountain Grill

With the Prime line of GMG grills, you get all the amazing benefits of attributes of the Choice line along with some luxurious upgrades. Most obviously, a Prime grill has a larger cooking area and a larger hopper for pellet storage. In addition, the Prime grill includes dual meat probes, an ashvac system, top and bottom shelves, a firepot clean out hole, and an adjustable heat shield. One of the most loved additions for the Prime grills is a viewing window into both the hopper and grill area. These grills also have a 12V power adapter for tailgating, camping, or other flexible-use options. For extra fun, enjoy the USB charging ports and built-in bottle opener.

Prime Plus Green Mountain Grill

Starting in 2021, Green Mountain Grills introduced a new line of grills called Prime Plus. These grills are just like the Prime line but with some excellent additions. For one, all GMG grills have a front shelf on the outside of the grill for setting bowls, meat, etc. With Prime Plus, this shelf is now collapsible so you can use it when you need, or store is away when you don’t. Additionally, Prime Plus grills have an on/off switch not found on the other grill lines.

Choice and Prime Green Mountain Grills Are at A-Quality Pools

Green Mountain Grills has taken great and made it even greater! From a brand your already trust, get updated features that allow for the best possible grill experience and delicious food creations. To learn more about Choice and Prime Green Mountain Grills, contact us at A-Quality Pools or stop in store. At A-Quality Pools, we offer the latest Green Mountain Grills at an affordable price. Also, check out our extensive selection of Green Mountain Grills accessories. Get ready for grilling season and order your Choice, Prime, or Prime Plus Green Mountain today! 

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