Where Do They Make Green Mountain Grills?

Where do they make Green Mountain Grills?

They say knowledge is power. And, trust us, the more you learn about Green Mountain Grills®, you will indeed feel powerful and ready to fire up this amazing pellet grill! Often, we get asked about the origins of the company. Where do they make Green Mountain Grills? At A-Quality Pools, we are proud to carry the entire line of Green Mountain Pellet Grills because of their impeccable reputation, undeniable quality, and wonderful community of satisfied grillers. Let us explain where they are made and why you can trust Green Mountain Grills.

The History of Green Mountain Grills

Since its start in 2007, Green Mountain Grills has been the best pellet grill in the industry. GMG got its start from dad and grill master Jason Baker. Known for his culinary skills on the grill, he preferred a pellet grill above any other option. However, at the time, he found that every pellet grill on the market was insufficient. So, he set out to make the improvements he felt would perfect a pellet grill and created what we now know as Green Mountain Grills. 

Today, GMG continues to lead the pack in innovation, efficiency, and quality with the premier pellet grill. Green Mountain Grills is headquartered in Reno, Nevada, and still run by the Baker family. Though some operations have been outsourced, Green Mountain Grills remains an American-based company built on American values. 

What Makes Green Mountain Grills Superior?

Those same American values that Green Mountain Grills was founded on continues to be what sets them apart from any other pellet grill on the markets. These beautiful grills are made with exceptional construction, remarkable features, and unmatched customer care. Every step of the design and creation process is completed with the user in mind to create a grill that is intuitive and high tech, with an unbeatable end product.

Some of Green Mountain Grills’ most notable features include the impressively large 13.5-inch peaked lid. With space that large, you can grill nearly anything you’d like. The uniquely designed Pellet Hopper Fan not only prevents pellets from burning, it helps the grill maintain an even and accurate temperature. A fan favorite feature is the built-in stainless-steel cooking probes. Using GMG’s Smart Control app, you can use these probes to monitor the internal temperature of your meat directly from your phone. You can also oversee the hopper fill level, the cooking temperature, and more. 

Other Green Mountain Grill Products

In addition to world-class pellet grills, Green Mountain Grills makes their own hardwood pellets. These pellets are made of pressed sawdust shavings. The shavings are kiln dried and guaranteed to have never touched the ground. With GMG Hardwood Pellets, you can grill knowing your pellets are high quality, safe to use, and rich in flavor for your meal. Choose from Premium Apple, Texas, Fruitwood, or Gold Blends

In addition, try Green Mountain Grills flavor-enhancing dry rubs in a wide variety of flavor options. You can also choose from many of GMG’s pellet grill accessories, such as the pizza attachment, front shelf add-on, and griddle.

How to Buy a Green Mountain Grill

Stop by A-Quality Pools in North Richland Hills, serving all of Fort Worth, Dallas, Tarrant County, and beyond. Our team would love to chat with you more about Green Mountain Grills and show you our Prime, Choice, and Trek Green Mountain Grill options. With ample in-stock availability, get your Green Mountain Grill today at A-Quality Pools.

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