Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Pool

Follow these winter maintenance tips for your pool.

Swim season may be over, but great maintenance tips for your pool during the winter months will ensure that you will have an easier opening come spring and avoid potential repairs or equipment replacements. It’s well worth taking the time to do small, weekly tasks to keep your pool in tip-top shape year-round. Follow these winter maintenance steps for pools and you won’t have worries come spring. 

Tip 1: Maintain Balance

If you had a mild, warm fall, check the pool and add more chlorine and algaecide before cold weather hits. If your area had heavy fall rains, most of your winterizing chemicals may have become diluted. So before cold weather hits, charge up those chemicals. Then during the winter months, you will want to check your water chemistry on a weekly basis. While you can reduce sanitizer levels, you will still need to keep your pH balanced and use an algaecide to kill existing algae and prevent new blooms. Doing this will ensure pool surfaces and equipment stay protected.

Tip 2: Monitor Pool Water Levels

Correct water levels are very important to keep your pump, pipes, heater, and filter protected. This can be determined in part by your area’s climate. If you usually have mild winters, your pool water can almost be filled to the top. But if dropping temps is a certainty, keep pool water four to six inches below the skimmer during the winter to avoid expensive repairs. With proper levels and circulation, you can safely avoid damaged pipes and equipment.

Tip 3: Check Equipment

While you may have covered your pool, dirt, and other contaminants can still enter your pool water. Keep a check on your skimmer and pump baskets and your filter gauge. Backwash and clean your filter in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Make a point to look at your pool pump, heater, and any exposed plumbing to ensure everything is functioning and leak-free.

Tip 4: Seriously Consider Using a Safety Cover 

A LOOP-LOC® safety cover from A-Quality Pool Service is well worth the investment for peace of mind. With a well-fitting safety cover, you won’t have to worry about children or small animals falling into your pool. It’s also an excellent way to help keep out unwanted debris. When using a safety cover, you will want to keep it clear of damaging debris. Periodically check throughout the winter to make sure that it is properly anchored and maintaining its fit.

The Best Pool Maintenance Tips Are at A-Quality Pools

By following these winter maintenance tips for pools you are sure to have a successful pool opening. If time is an issue, you don’t have to worry about maintaining your pool on your own. Contact us at A-Quality Pool Service, Inc., where we will provide you with year-round, worry-free maintenance. We can perform all the important tasks that will keep your pool in tip-top shape and ready for you to enjoy once spring blossoms and pool season starts. Discover an issue with your equipment. Don’t worry. Call us and we can take care of any repairs that may pop up. At A-Quality Pool Service we also can meet your equipment and supply needs with a full line of products that we carry in-house. 

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