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Almost Heaven® Infrared Saunas

Infrared Saunas deliver the same benefits as traditional steam saunas, only without the intense heat. Almost Heaven’s Infrared Saunas are constructed with solid hemlock, crafted with tempered glass, and are easy to install. Equipped with generously wide carbon fiber heating panels and delivers the same health benefits as sunlight, sans the potentially negative effects of UV rays. Our Infrared Saunas are available in sizes to accommodate from one to four people.


Sleek European styling defines the Spectrum Series of Almost Heaven Saunas. These infrared indoor saunas feature streamlined exterior designs and polished interior craftsmanship. Endowed with smooth, sleek white panels on the exterior and clear hemlock on the inside, these saunas are equipped with generously sized carbon crystal heating panels combined with Almost Heaven’s spectrum quartz lighting. Additional luxury features include Bluetooth audio speakers, a ceiling fan, and a unique sauna bathing experience!

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The dry, comfortable heat delivered via generously wide carbon fiber heat panels of the Radiant Series Infrared Sauna feels more like a sunbath than a sauna stint. Compact enough to tuck into any dry space in your home, it can even be installed on top of carpet in a bedroom! Crafted of gorgeous hemlock, the Radiant 2-3 Person Infrared Sauna offers superior features including soft lighting, Bluetooth speakers, and a light therapy option.

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Don’t want to choose between a traditional or infrared sauna? You don’t have to. The Newport 4-Person Hybrid Sauna features both! It comes in clear red cedar and features multi-level benches, as well as accents in brilliant yet durable stainless steel. (Both infrared and traditional heaters cannot be used simultaneously.)

The high heat of the traditional electric sauna heat is preferred by many, while the more gentle, but equally effective, infrared heat is more comfortable for others. The electric heater is designed to spray water onto hot sauna stones, delivering the experience of a classic steam sauna bath. The Newport 4-Person Hybrid Sauna is literally the best of both worlds!

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Looking for a cozy 2-Person Sauna but can’t decide between an infrared or traditional sauna? Look no further. The Hampton 2-Person Hybrid Sauna offers the option to enjoy the lighter, less-intense heat of infrared OR the traditional electric heat (you cannot use both at the same time). Crafted in clear red cedar, the Hampton features sleek accents made of durable stainless steel. The front of the sauna is full glass for an open look and feel.

When using the traditional electric heater, the hot sauna rocks are sprayed with water, generating the intense steam associated with classic saunas. Comfortably seats one or two adults.

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