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Almost Heaven® Luxury Saunas

The authentic sauna experience is delivered via clouds of steam, delivered in quality wood, encompassed in a brilliant design. The Almost Heaven line of Luxury Saunas delivers just this. Constructed of high-quality clear hemlock wood, accented in red cedar, it features privacy glass and other luxury amenities to satisfy the buyer who demands more. Equipped with deluxe sauna heaters, these Luxury Saunas are offered in models to accommodate between three and six adults. This line includes both indoor and outdoor saunas.


The best of the best. That can certainly be said of the Cascade 4-Person Sauna by Almost Heaven! It comes with all of the features expected of a Luxury Sauna, including high-quality clear red cedarwood, a Virta 9kW heater made of stainless steel and featuring digital controls, a pink salt backrest for therapeutic purposes, and a built-in floor. It’s designed with wide benches to allow for both sitting or reclining. Fitting of a Luxury Sauna, it’s taller than the other saunas in the Almost Home line. This provides grand beauty, but is also very functional, as it accommodates standing and more moving around by the bathers.

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Crafted using only the finest materials used by Almost Heaven, the Denali 6-Person Sauna is among the tallest of our sauna lines. This allows for standing up and moving around in the sauna. Featuring backlighted pink salt bar backrest for therapeutic purposes, this delivers both a beautiful and a healthful aura. Vertical slat benches are both longer and wider than standard home saunas, accommodating as many as 6 adults. The Denali also comes with multi-level seats, as well as an L-shaped lower bench for both laying down and sitting up. Enjoy your sauna your way in the Denali 6-Person Luxury Sauna by Almost Heaven.

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Another gem from the Almost Heaven Luxury Sauna Series, the Olympus sits as many as 8 adults! Constructed of Nordic lumber, the roofing sections are joined using the sturdy and precise tongue-and-groove design. It features generously wide full-length upper benches, opposite-facing for socializing during the sauna bath. It also includes a movable lower bench. The lower bench can be moved together, making a raised platform beneath the upper benches. This bench can double as a cooling down bench, as the lower position places you in cooler temperatures. Beauty marries function in the Olympus 6-8 Person Indoor Luxury Sauna.

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You don’t have to choose between entertainment and health benefits with the Solide Outdoor Cottage Sauna. This Luxury Sauna by Almost Heaven generously seats up to 6 adults. Designed with a cantilever roof, it’s suitable for any environment. There is ample room for outdoor furniture, a hot tub, or whatever else you’ve dreamed up! Equipped with a wood-burning sauna heater that is easily accessible from the outside, doubling as a cozy fireplace as you cool off from your sauna bath. Yes! Just like a real fireplace or fire pit, you can roast weenies or make S’mores! The Solide 6-Person Cottage Sauna comes in both a single-room and double-room option, the second room conveniently serving as a changing room. Frosted glass set behind the wood-burning stove allows a low level of ambient light to drench the sauna room. The sauna stones are designed to come up and around the chimney, delivering a powerful punch of soothing steam!

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Bring the amazing luxury of the Solide 6-Person Sauna indoors. Combining sleek, contemporary design with the natural beauty of the outdoors, this sauna is endowed with wood and stone by Harvia. It delivers the traditional Finnish sauna enjoyment native to Scandinavia with tight-knot timber accented by a black trim. All of this incredible woodwork is seen via glass that extends from floor to ceiling. Comfortably fitting up to 6 adults, the Solide 6-Person Indoor Sauna features generously wide and positionable benching to allow for both a reclining and seated sauna experience.

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