Outdoor Saunas

Almost Heaven® Outdoor Saunas

Elegantly quaint is an apt description of our Almost Heaven Saunas. Crafted from the finest softwoods, the lumber is hand-chosen by experts in the industry. The fun, functional barrel shape allows for the most possible usable space in a design that heats incredibly quickly with maximum efficiency. An attractive look in any setting, we offer a wide selection of sizes to fit within any lifestyle and landscape. These saunas come to you in a kit that is easy to assemble in about an afternoon.

Barrel Saunas

Classic and elegant in simplicity, Almost Heaven Barrel Saunas have been a customer favorite for over 4 decades. But the design isn’t just adorable, these saunas are built to provide the most usable space in the smallest area, allowing for highly efficient and effective heating throughout. These Barrel Saunas offer full-length sauna rooms, with full-length benches. Our Barrel Saunas are offered in a variety of lumber choices and arrive to you in an easily assembled kit. Choices range from 2-person saunas to 8-person saunas.

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Canopy Barrel Saunas

Simply charming. Canopy Barrel Saunas by Almost Heaven is not just functional and healthy, these saunas are simply adorable in any landscape! Available in sizes to accommodate 2 people up to 8 people, the Canopy Barrel Saunas are designed with porches on front, a suitable entryway to the efficient, effective, and cozy barrel saunas. Crafted in cedar, come in kits that are easy to assemble in a few hours, even for the novice builder. Available with either electric or wood-burning heater, sized for the sauna size of your choice.

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