Pool Covers and Fences

Safety is Our Priority

Swimming pools are our business, and we know pools and spas are great family fun! We enjoy pools ourselves, and get excited about other pool owners sharing fun times and making great memories with their families, friends, and loved ones. But we also know that, if not managed with special attention and care, pools and spas can also be dangerous. Our goal is for the pools and spas in Grapevine – Ft Worth, Texas to be 100% safe for all.

In that spirit, we offer, recommend, and encourage training, tools, and resources to keep pools safe. Safe pool ownership means keeping the pool properly clean and sanitized, as well as installing and utilizing a variety of safety equipment.

Some pool owners are reluctant to take on the expense and hassle of items like fences and safety covers. And we understand! These items aren’t cheap. However, even if you don’t have children of your own, you can see how a visiting or wandering child, pet, or other innocent being could accidentally end up where they shouldn’t be – in your unattended pool! Whether it’s local teenagers looking for a thrill while you’re at work, a child that’s wandered from home during the night, or someone else, we’re committed to helping safeguard the pools of Grapevine and Fort Worth to the best of our abilities. In that spirit, we offer a variety of safety features and education. Here are a few to consider …

LOOP-LOC Safety Pool Covers

Available in a variety of color options to match and coordinate with your landscaping design vision, no cover is as tough and safe as a LOOP-LOC Safety Pool Cover! These safety covers are professionally fitted to your pool, so that the locks are tight and secure. Whether your pool is a classic rectangle or a modern freeform or custom shape, we can fit your pool with a LOOP-LOC Safety Cover that’s attractive when in place and safe for whoever happens to make it into your pool area unattended. Ours are the best pool safety covers you can get in Grapevine – Ft Worth!

Pool Fences

You know the saying: Fences make great neighbors. This is especially true when you have a pool! Fences give you privacy, keep out intruders, and safeguard the pool from wandering toddlers, teenagers, pets, and more. What’s more, fences are required by law in Grapevine and Ft. Worth. Need a new pool fence? A-Quality can do the job!

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