Respite Series

Almost Heaven® Sauna Respite Series

The best from the Finnish and the best from America combine to produce the gorgeous line of indoor saunas we call the Respite Series. Almost Heaven uses a variety of softwoods, including fir and cedar, hand-crafting the lumber into a perfectly-designed sauna. These saunas are powered by Finnish sauna heaters, known worldwide as the best in the industry. Size options vary from 1-person to 6-person saunas.


Designed to comfortably accommodate up to 6 adults, the Bridgeport 6-Person Sauna by Almost Heaven features the longest interior benches in the Almost Heaven line of saunas. Equipped with a long upper bench for reclining, and a long lower bench that features an L-extension, it’s designed with generous glass along the front of the sauna. This produces a feeling of generous space inside, even when fully occupied.

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Designed for the privacy and comfort of a single sauna bather, the Logan 1-Person Sauna easily fits into an underutilized corner of a bedroom, bathroom, sunroom, or other indoor environments. Turn that unused closet into a sauna haven, or fill that wasted space in the master bathroom with a personal sauna day spa. Designed with double-paneled windows along the front, it feels much more generously spaced than most smaller, single-person saunas. Transform an unused corner of your home into an oasis of health with the Logan 1-Person Sauna by Almost Heaven.

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In just a handful of hours, you can DIY an unused nook or cranny of your home, transforming it into a healthy, restful indoor steam sauna. The Madison 2-3 Person Sauna by Almost Heaven is compact enough to assemble in the corner of the master bedroom, unused area in your master bath, or even a rarely-used coat closet. Benches are crafted in West Virginia and are fast and easy to install in the privacy of your home.

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Don’t let the efficient use of space in the Auburn 2-3 Person Sauna fool you. It sacrifices nothing in terms of features. Almost Heaven packed in multi-level seating into the interior of the spa, accommodating up to 3 adult bathers with comfort and ease. It features full-length glass panels built into the front, delivering an inviting feeling of openness and comfort. This indoor sauna is ideal for converting unused space into your home into an oasis fitting for world-class day spas!

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Private, yet with a generously open feel, the Rainelle 4-Person Indoor Sauna is designed with Almost Heaven’s exclusive fading glass panels. It assembles easily and instantly becomes a beautiful focal point in your home. The glass endows a feeling of spaciousness, yet the interior delivers the ambiance of privacy. Equipped with multi-level seating, the Rainelle 4-Person Indoor Sauna comfortably accommodates up to 4 adults.

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Efficient in operation, beautiful in styling, the Grayson 4-Person Sauna is simple and quick to assemble. Transforming any underutilized area in your home into an automatic sauna worthy of a day spa, this indoor sauna takes up little space, yet will become the focal point of any room in your home. It warms to temp as quickly as half an hour, so your time to enjoy is fast!

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Small on footprint, big on style and energy efficiency, the Preston 6-Person Sauna by Almost Heaven is fast and easy to assemble. Two to three people can put it together in merely a few hours. It comfortably accommodates as many as 6 adults. The small size causes no compromise in features, however, equipped with multi-level seating so you can enjoy this indoor sauna in a variety of comfortable positions.

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