How Often Should I Test My Pool Water?

How often should I test my pool water?

You hear it all the time, “Testing your pool water is so important.” “Make sure you test your water frequently.” But what does any of that actually mean? You should ideally be testing your pool water for sanitizer levels once a week, but did you know there’s a little more to it than that. You’ve asked, so we’ll answer the big question, “How often should I test my pool water?”

Why should I test?

You should be testing your pool water firstly to ensure that your everyday chemical necessities are at optimum levels. We’re talking about sanitizer, pH, and alkalinity. Once a week testing for these regular contenders is really a general suggestion. Reality is that every time it rains, or the sun is really hot, or you have a lot of people swim in your pool, these chemical ratios change. In order to have the most accurate information, it may be wise to test your pool levels more often than just once a week. Keeping your pool chemical levels balanced is a dance where you should be thinking one step ahead. Remember, balanced pool water can help your pool last longer and be easier on your skin, eyes, and hair. Also, it’s a lot easier to maintain the balance than it is to overcome algae growth.  

What should I test for?

Chlorine level, pH, and alkalinity are what you should test for most often, but there are some other considerations that you can and should test for in your pool water. Sometimes your water source can lead to higher concentrations of some contaminants in your water. It’s not really a big issue in terms of how clean your water is, but it can lead to discoloration of your pool surfaces if you end up with too much of any given mineral. Some levels you might want to test in your pool water would be things like copper, calcium, or iron. All of these minerals can lead to build up on your equipment or stains on your stairs.

We recommend testing your pool water for these minerals about once a month. You want to stay ahead of any potential damage that can come from the build-up, so try not to wait until you see signs. Be proactive. 

How should I test?

There are actually a couple of ways that you can test your pool water. There are test kits and, test strips, but you really can’t beat bringing a pool water sample in to your local Fort Worth pool supplies store. Or, better yet, you can have your very own trained pool professional test your water for you on site. Testing your pool water frequently doesn’t have to be complicated especially if you utilize the services we offer at A-Quality Pools

The most important thing is that you ARE testing your pool water at least once a week and making the necessary chemical adjustments. So, don’t get overwhelmed with how often to test your pool water. But if you do, know that you can always reach out to our professionals at A-Quality Pools. We’ll be happy to get your pool water tested and back on track.

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