How Safe and Happy Families Use Home Spas

A hot tub is a valuable addition to your home and family. Soaking in a home spa is a great way to relax and unwind. In addition to the relaxation and rejuvenation they offer, hot tubs also encourage more family time and bonding, not to mention the much talked about health benefits of hydrotherapy. Needless to say, more and more people are buying hot tubs for the aforementioned benefits. 

Safe and happy families use their home spas responsibly and often. All good things need care and maintenance, and even a Sundance® spa is no exception to that rule. With proper care and ownership, thousands of happy and safe hot tub owners are deriving the benefits of home spa use. Here’s a look at some of the ways to use your spa to the best benefits.

Care For and Maintain Your Home Spa

As with all high-quality spas, your Sundance spa needs your TLC, too. Hot tub water, plumbing, shell, cabinet, and cover and filter all need routine cleaning and care. You’ve invested well into your enjoyment and health. Maintaining your spa correctly will set the stage for incredible family time together.

A proper maintenance and cleaning regimen for your home spa is an absolute must. Don’t be fooled by the sparkling clean appearance of your hot tub water. Testing your water regularly will help keep the health of your spa in perfect balance. Invest well by choosing professional spa cleaning chemicals that will keep your hot tub’s exposed and hidden areas clean. Better yet, call in the best hot tub maintenance professionals to maintain your favorite space at home. Your hot tub will be safe and professionally cared for so that you and your family can use it anytime you want.

Hot Tubs and Kids

A hot tub at home will be a spot that your kids absolutely love to play! However, since a soak in a home spa can increase body temperature, turning down the temperature to a very cozy level of 100 degrees or lower will help keep your happy family together. Always have an adult in with your kids during hot tub time. Not only will your supervision keep your kids safe, but you’ll also absolutely treasure the time that you can spend with them.

Have a Blast as a Family

We know there’s no one in your family who doesn’t love family hot tub time. Make memories to last a lifetime with conversations and games that make using your home spa so much fun. There are floating tables and waterproof games like Uno Splash that the whole family can enjoy. You can even invite the grandparents or grandkids over for a special time! Have snacks, cool drinks for hydration, or even a backyard movie playing. There’s no end to the fun that your safe and happy family can have together.

A home spa is a joy for every family member of every age. Used responsibly, our Sundance spas can serve you for many, many years to come. From our very affordable Berkeley™ home spa to our striking 6-person Kingston™ hot tub, we have a wide variety of hot tubs that can cater to your every need and budget. Call us at 817-835-7210 or stop in store to choose your own Sundance spa. Enjoy the benefits of a home spa with your family this year.

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