Invest in Swimming Lessons for Kids

It’s pool season! You’re excited, the neighbors are excited, and the kids are excited! But wait. Do your kids know how to swim? This should be a major consideration for all pool owners to make sure the kids in their life know how to swim and swim safely. Right now is a great time to invest in swimming lessons for your kids.


When you invest in swimming lessons for kids, you give them a valuable gift that will last a lifetime. Swimming is a major skill that is often never learned by a lot of adults, but it is so valuable. Learning to swim is not just a safety issue. It’s a confidence issue. Kids who learn to swim are more confident around water and in themselves. They learn that they can do hard things, and that there is a payoff to their hard work. They get to have tons of fun swimming, and you can be confident in their abilities, too. 


You may not know right off the bat how exactly to find swim lessons for kids, but there are usually a lot of options in any given area, especially the North Richland Hills area. We suggest doing a little bit of research to see which options fit your family’s individual budget and learning style, but there are so many choices! There’s Aqua Tots Swim School, Flipkick Swim Academy, or even your closest YMCA. You could even opt to find an individual to teach the children how to swim, but be sure to check references. Then you and the kids can decide if they’d like group lessons, semi-private lessons, or private lessons. How your kids learn to swim is really up to you. Just know that you have choices and a whole community who wants to help kids learn to swim! 


The short answer to this question is easy: Now. You can begin to teach kids water awareness and water safety at any age, even very young infants, and there is evidence that it is beneficial. Some swim schools offer swimming lessons for small children. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends swimming lessons for all children over the age of four according to this article.

Today, take the plunge and invest in swimming lessons for kids. Make it fun! A lot of swimming lesson programs have classes that encourage parents and guardians to participate. You can learn how to help your child become more confident in the water, and you can feel more confident, too. Even young, young children can enroll in water-play classes that help to foster a love of water and swimming from an early age, and parents are often invited to participate. 

If you’re ready to invest in fantastic swimming lessons for your kids, make sure your pool is ready to go. The professionals at A-Quality Pools are ready to add you to our service route for weekly maintenance, or you can visit our showroom to discover more about the best chemical systems to keep your pool chemicals balanced. Give us a call at 817-281-0781 or stop in and see us soon.

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