BBQ Dry Rubs

Green Mountain Grills - BBQ Dry Rubs

Our trade secret formulations are developed by Green Mountain Grills competition grilling team for maximum flavor at an amazing price. These rubs will make you the neighborhood pitmaster in no time. Great on grilled meats and vegetables, our award-winning rubs are Chef tested, and customer approved.

Wild Game Spice Rub

Time to raid the game freezer! The wild blend of flavors really hits the mark in this Wild Game dry rub from Green Mountain Grills. Complements wild game meats like venison, bison, and even bear, while giving it just the right hint of spice. (Although, it tastes great with beef, pork, and lamb, too!) Get some at A-Quality Pools before your next hunting trip!

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Get the right seasoning flavor for seafood with Fish Dry Rub by Green Mountain Grills. Specially formulated for fish and other seafood with ingredients like ground lemongrass/sereh powder, green peppercorns, and cilantro, this dry rub perfectly complements the fresh catch of the day without overpowering its delicate flavor. Stop by A-Quality Pools to get some today!

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Become the backyard barbecue king with this Pork Dry Rub from Green Mountain Grills! Ingredients include the spicy/sweet seasonings combo you need for pork, like sea salt, brown/white sugar, pepper, garlic, chili powder, cumin, coriander, caraway seeds, allspice, cardamom, and cayenne pepper. Stop by A-Quality Pools to grab some for your barbecue today!

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Sizzle Blend Rub

Give your grill a little sizzle with this Sizzle Blend spice rub from Green Mountain Grills. With a blend of sea salt, garlic, black pepper, and other spices, mouths will water the moment they smell (and hear!) the sizzle. Get some at A-Quality Pools!

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Don’t be a chicken! Try this Poultry Dry Rub from Green Mountain grills for a bold yet savory combo of flavors like brown/white sugar, sea salt, celery seed, lemon peel, pepper, garlic powder, and turmeric. Perfect for any poultry, like chicken, turkey, pheasant, and so many others. Get a bottle at A-Quality Pools today.

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Roasted Garlic Chipotle

Get a whole new level of flavor with this Roasted Garlic Chipotle dry rub from Green Mountain Grills. Pairs well with anything and everything! Beef roasts, pork ribs, rotisserie chicken, grilled vegetables, and so much more. Let this be your go-to rub when you don’t know what else to pick. Stop by A-Quality Pools for a bottle today!

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Beef up the flavor of your steaks, roasts, and ribs with this bold blend of smoked paprika, mustard, cayenne, and other spices. Stop by A-Quality Pools today for a jar of the Beef dry rub from Green Mountain Grills!

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