In-Store Pool Cleaner Repairs

Pool Pump Motors

If your pool cleaner’s pump motor is failing or malfunctioning, it may be possible to repair it, but the cost of pool cleaner repairs can easily add up to more than the cost of a brand new pump motor. And since we don’t charge for in-store labor, the choice is simple. Let A-Quality pools take care of you and your pool equipment!

A-Quality offers motor swaps, with free labor if the work is done in our shop, and we also test and change capacitors. Sorry, we don’t offer motor repairs for replacing bearings, redoing windings, brushes, etc.

Pool Filters

Pool filters need to be changed regularly. We offer free visual inspections after cleaning. We also reassemble DE filters free of charge, as well as offering aliment aids for DIYers.

FREE Pool Water Testing

Even healthy people have to visit the doctor for a checkup once in a while, and your pool water is no different. Once every few weeks, you need to get a more thorough water test in our store, to check for less-common issues. Our computerized testing delivers fast, reliable results, and we can match you up with the perfect products to restore your pool water to 100% health.

Need some help with a water problem you haven’t been able to fix on your own? A-Quality Pool Service is here for you! Bring us a sample of your water and we’ll test it for you, absolutely free. Our experts can then provide you with the solution you need to get your water into perfect balance again!

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