4 Things to Do Before Hosting That Backyard Pool Party

Things to Do Before Hosting That Backyard Pool Party

Hold up, you party animal! While hosting a pool party will no doubt be epically fun, there are a few things you must first check off the ole to-do list. You can trust A-Quality Pools, Tarrant County’s pool party headquarters, with all your party preparation and needs. We have been helping our clients host pool parties for more than four decades. Here are four things to do before hosting that backyard pool party.

Prepare the Pool

Before your guests descend upon your home, you need to prepare your pool. Start with a thorough pool cleaning. This may include vacuuming or brushing the interior surfaces, skimming the water, and emptying the skimmer baskets. For any pool cleaning supplies you may need, including a high-quality pool vacuum, stop by our store in North Richland Hills.

Also, be sure to test and balance the pool water beforehand. It is wise to shock the pool water the night before the party as well in preparation for a larger than normal user load. Sign up for A-Quality Pools’ weekly pool service to keep your pool party ready all year long.

Make Safety a Priority

With extra guests in your pool during a party, it’s important for you to review and clearly communicate safety expectations. First, before the party inspect your pool for loose components, missing covers, loose tiles, or anything that might be out of place or need fixing. Now is the time to fix those small repairs that you’ve been putting off.

Then, as the pool owner and party host, take time to consider your pool rules for all guests to observe. Some common pool rules include, no pushing others into the pool, no glass in the water, walking on the pool deck, no swimming alone, and no dunking others. For a kids’ pool party, you may want to have a designated pool watcher at all times. Set rules that make you feel comfortable and will keep your guests safe while in your pool. At the start of the party, be sure to clearly communicate the rules you choose. You may even post the rules near the pool area. 

Select Party-Worthy Snacks

No doubt, all that fun while splishing and splashing in the pool will leave your guests ready for some delicious party snacks. With a Green Mountain Grill®, you can make mouth watering treats your guests will rave about even when the party is long over. Some of our favorite poolside treats from the GMG Grill include Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza, Pellet Dogs in a Blanket, and, of course, the Smoked Chocolate Chip Cookies.

The After Pool Party

Sadly, all fun things must come to an end. But, before your party even starts, you can prepare for the after party needs to make it easy and nearly effortless. For starters, have any necessary cleaning supplies ready. This may include several trash bags, paper towels, and laundry baskets for wet pool towels. In the aftermath of a pool party, you also need to care for your pool water. We recommend that you test, balance, and shock the water.

We wish you a fun and safe party with your friends and family. For all your pool party needs, contact A-Quality Pools today!

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