3 Things to Do Before Hosting That Backyard Barbecue

Things to do before hosting that backyard barbecue

Nothing says summertime like a backyard barbecue party! And there’s no better barbeque than one cooked on the premier pellet grill, Green Mountain Grills®. Invite your friends and family, and prepare for a memorable shindig with these three things to do before hosting that backyard barbecue. 

1. Set the Barbecue Menu

When cooking on a Green Mountain Pellet Grill, your options for foods to cook are nearly endless. Indeed, you can cook meats, appetizers, desserts, cocktails, breads, and side dishes, all from your GMG Grill. Your only problem will be choosing from these delicious options!

Start the night with appetizers. Your guests will rave over shrimp skewers, jalapeno poppers, or Miami-style wings to get the party started.

Of course, these high-quality pellet grills are capable of creating moist and flavorful meats, from beef and chicken to fish and pork, and more! Some of our favorite pellet grill entrees for a crowd include burgers, BBQ Pork Pizza, and Dynamite Baby Back Ribs.  

Don’t forget the sides! Your pellet grill is capable of making crowd pleasing baked beans, grilled corn on the cob, grill veggie medley, and more!

Looking for dessert ideas? Keep the Green Mountain grill going for blueberry crisp, smoked chocolate chip cookies, or, our personal favorite, Bourbon Salted Caramel Apple Pie.

Keep in mind, the cooking time on your GMG Pellet Grill will vary depending on what you’re cooking. Plan your pre-party timeline accordingly.

2. Stock up on Pellet Grill Supplies

In addition to preparing the menu, you need to prepare your Green Mountain grill by stocking up on needed supplies. First and foremost, get a bag or two of your favorite GMG Hardwood Pellets. Green Mountain pellets are made with 100% kiln dried hardwood shavings that are guaranteed to have never touched the floor. GMG pellets are superior in flavor, cook consistently, and are easy to use. In addition, a larger pellet size than most brands allows them to last longer. 

Choose from the Premium Texas, Fruitwood, Gold, or Apple Blends, all available for purchase at the A-Quality Pools in North Richland Hills.

In addition to pellets, you may also check out our pellet grill accessories. These accessories make grilling fun and give you more options for cooking methods or flavors. A few of the most popular Green Mountain grill accessories include a wood-fired pizza attachment, griddle pan, and the Thin Blue Smoker Tube

3. Don’t Forget the Flavor!

When cooking for a backyard barbecue, it is more important than even to serve flavor-filled foods for your guests. Add undeniable flavor profiles with the Green Mountain Grills Dry BBQ Rubs. These rubs were made by competitive grilling teams using top secret formulas. There’s a dry rub for any meat or veggie! Choose from the Wild Game Spice, Fish, Pork, Sizzle Blend, Poultry, Garlic Chipotle, and Beef Dry Rub Blends.

While hosting a backyard barbecue may require a bit of planning and preparation, the end result of delicious foods and happy guests is all worth it. Stop by A-Quality Pools in Tarrant County to get your pellet grill supplies or to learn more about GMG Grills. With the help of your Green Mountain Grill, you and your guests will have a fun, memorable, and flavorful night you won’t soon forget. So fire up your pellet grill and get ready for a great time!

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