5 Hot Tub Health Benefits You Never Knew About

Have you ever wondered if owning a hot tub could actually be good for you? Wonder no more! Here are 5 health benefits to owning a hot tub that you may have never known about. 


Did you know our bodies are inundated with all kinds of toxic material and chemicals these days that we can’t even see or smell? A Sundance® Spa can assist your body in the detox process. One way that your body copes with a higher load of harmful chemicals is through the body’s ability to sweat. Just like when you use an Almost Heaven Sauna, a Sundance® Spa can also help your body break a healthful, beneficial sweat by gently increasing your body temperature. When you sweat, toxins are released from your body, and then you have a healthier you! Your body will thank you for easing the toxic load when you use your Sundance Spa. 

Reduce Inflammation

A quality hot tub can also help your body reduce inflammation. Once again in our modern fast paced world our bodies have to cope with inflammation of all kinds caused by the environments we work in, stress, or even some foods we eat. One way to combat body inflammation is to take a dip in your Sundance Spa. Inflammation can wreak havoc on our bodies by leading to illness over time. When you sink into your hot tub, your blood vessels relax and circulation increases, which can lead to a reduction in inflammation and a better functioning body. That’s all you have to do! 

Relaxation of Muscles 

We all know that the warm water and bubbles in a hot tub create a relaxing effect on our bodies, but did you know that they can also encourage your body to heal. By releasing some of the tension in your sore, aching, overworked, or injured muscles, a Sundance Spa can allow your muscles to relax enough to begin healing themselves. When the warm water causes your blood vessels to expand, then your weary muscles receive more blood flow and nutrients from your blood that help them begin to heal and feel better. That’s pretty incredible.

Help Relieve Joint Pain 

How are your joints feeling? With changes in weather, old injuries, or overworking during your latest workout, everyone’s joints could use a little more care and attention these days. One way you can relieve aching joints is by enjoying the relaxing warm water of your hot tub. The heat of the water in your spa can help to alleviate joint pain caused by inflammation or overworking of the joints. Additionally, the buoyancy of the water can reduce the amount of physical stress on your joints. If your body is floating, your joints are feeling less pressure. Overall, a Sundance Spa is an excellent way to get some relief for your aching joints.   

Mental Rejuvenation 

Finally, who doesn’t feel mentally exhausted these days? In addition to so many physical health benefits, we cannot forget the mental health benefits of a soak in a hot tub. Often times, when your body is able to physically relax, mental relaxation will follow. When you add to that the gentle roll of the jets, the swirling water, and outdoor surroundings of your Sundance Spa, your mind will soon be releasing the stresses of the day and easing into a comfortable rest and renewal of your mental state. So, let your worries melt away in the comforting waters of your sensational hot tub

Take a moment this new year to easily improve your health. A-Quality Pools can help you on your way to knowing more about these hot tub health benefits and many more with a Sundance Spa. Call us at 817-281-0781 or click here to send us a message right from our website. 

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