Top 3 Grill Recipes You Need to Try This Year!

Did you and your family enjoy the same meal every single day throughout the holidays? When there’s no variety in your food, you can definitely get bored. That’s why January is the perfect time to reset your recipe repertoire and learn something new! We’ve got the top 3 grill recipes you need to try this year. 

Wood Fired BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza 

Most people think of smoking large slabs of meat on their Green Mountain Grill®— and, of course, we think that’s an amazing idea. But the Green Mountain Grill is so very versatile. Let’s say you go wild one Saturday, and you smoke more pork butt than you can manage to eat in one day. It’s an unlikely scenario, we know, but what if you could transform those leftovers into something amazing like a wood fired BBQ pulled pork pizza? You simply start with your pizza dough (homemade or store bought), then add your ingredients. Your favorite BBQ sauce base, mozzarella cheese, pulled pork, and green onion could be amazing. Then place that bad boy onto your preheated pizza stone in your Green Mountain Grill. Grilled pizza. You absolutely have to try it. 

Snickerdoodle Crisp

In this quest to learn something new and beef up your grilling and smoking skills, let’s take a look at making dessert on your Green Mountain Grill with this recipe for Snickerdoodle Crisp. This is definitely not your Great Aunt Harriet’s cookie (although you can’t go wrong with the classics). This recipe takes our love of decadent cinnamon and sugar and throws in some beautiful fruit. Then it launches to the next level when you cook it on a grill! Just think, you’ll be driving the neighborhood crazy with the delicious aroma of grill smoke, peaches, berries and sugar cookies. Top it off with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. And then, lucky you, you get to eat it and decide whether or not to share. 

Bacon Ring Burger

Next up in the saga of the top grill recipes you need to try this year is the Bacon Ring Burger. That’s right a ring of bacon to top your delicious, perfectly grilled burger. In this recipe, you will learn the art of wrapping bacon around an onion slice to create the most decadent burger you’ve ever tried. Simply begin by creating your favorite burgers and allowing them to spend some time on the grill. Then, you’ll move on to slicing a large onion, disassembling those perfect rings, and wrapping them in bacon. Make sure your grill is ready. Then, place your bacon wrapped onion rings onto the grill. Let them cook to perfection. You can add cheese to your burger, and the bacon crowns make the perfect vessels for holding sautéed mushrooms or any other topping you can come up with.

When it comes to grilling on your Green Mountain Grill, don’t limit yourself to thinking inside the box. You can make pizza, dessert, or elaborate hamburgers. Do you still need to add a Green Mountain Grill to your backyard? Contact us at A-Quality Pools, and we’ll be happy to get you all set up. It’s time to start the new year off right!

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