What’s the Best Automatic Pool Cleaner for a Pool?

automatic pool cleaner

Keeping your pool clean can leave you feeling like a modern Cinderella. Once you finish one task, it’s time for the next. It can turn into an endless to-do list that takes up much of your time and attention. This is why so many pool owners enjoy using an automatic pool cleaner to assist with regular scrubbing, filtering, brushing, and suctioning. If your pool has a vinyl liner, you’d probably like to know, “What’s the best automatic pool cleaner for a vinyl liner pool?” The good news is that most automatic cleaners are safe to use pool, whether you have a vinyl liner, fiberglass, or concrete pool. At A-Quality Pools, we carry many excellent robotic cleaners. Here are a few of our favorites to consider. 

First, Why Use an Automatic Pool Cleaner?

By using an automatic pool cleaner, you can save yourself time and effort. Simply plug your pool cleaner into a low-voltage outlet and set it in the water. The automatic cleaner for your pool will scrub, brush, suction, and more! Most automatic cleaners also have a filter bag for collecting debris such as leaves and acorns. This prevents you from frequent scrubbing, skimming, and cleaning. Additionally, automatic pool cleaners are not connected to your pool’s filtration system. So, using a robotic cleaner regularly will save wear and tear on your pool’s built-in system, extending its use. 

Looking for an Automatic Pool Cleaner? Consider These Top-Rated Options

While this automatic cleaner is not the flashiest option, the Zodiac G3 Pro gets the job done! It is easy to install and especially quiet. The 36-fin disc allows it to fully suction to your pool for a thorough job. This robotic cleaner also comes at an affordable price. 

The Dolphin Active 60 is an amazing automatic pool cleaner! In addition to doing an excellent job scrubbing and cleaning your pools walls, floor, and waterline, this robotic cleaner comes equipped with a weekly timer, WiFi control and push notification, and optimal pool scanning for a maximum clean. Additionally, Dolphin automatic pool cleaners come with excellent warranties, and A-Quality serves as the only Maytronics Gold Elite service center in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

With a triple jet system, this automatic cleaner can vacuum your pool in a speedy fashion. The Polaris Vac-Sweep® 3900 Sport has a dual chamber SuperBag that can collect up to five liters of dirt, scum, leaves, and other debris to keep your pool’s built-in filtration system from being overworked. 

The Pentair Racer boasts 30% more cleaning power and 40% larger intake than other pressure-side cleaners, so you can rest easy about your pool’s cleanliness. This automatic pool cleaner also has NightCruize® LED Lights so it can be seen at night. The Pentair Racer is easy to use and easy to maintain. 

Using an automatic cleaner for your pool will give you peace of mind that your pool is thoroughly clean, extend the life of your pool’s filtration system, and prevent you from having a long cleaning to-do list. To learn more about automatic pool cleaners and which one is best for your pool, contact our team at A-Quality Pools today!

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