Pool Safety Tips Every Pool Owner Should Know

Pool Safety Tips Every Pool Owner Should Know

Have you ever been to a public pool only to walk in and see the notorious sign with the pool rules? As a kid, these pool rules might have felt like a hinderance to prevent fun. But when it comes to the pool, a safe time is a fun time! As a pool owner, you are now the one making the pool rules. There is no such thing as overdoing pool safety. Keep your family, friends, and yourself safe with these pool safety tips every pool owner should know.

Make Swim Safety a Priority

When making your list for your own pool safety rules, consider some of these pool safety tips. Every pool owner should know how to keep the people in and around their pool safe and sound.

  • Create a Buddy Rule

Have a rule that says no one can enter the pool alone. It is especially important for children to understand they cannot enter the pool without an adult present. It is also a good safety precaution for adults in the event of any incident.

Also, never make assumptions about anyone’s swim abilities. When you have guests in your pool, take time to inquire about each swimmer’s abilities. This will give you a better grasp on who to keep near and watch extra closely. 

  • Get Out of the Pool When it is Storming

Mother nature can be fierce and highly unpredictable. Being in the water when a storm is near is an absolute no-no, especially if you hear thunder. Lightning can strike even when you least expect it.

  • Enter the Pool Feet First

To prevent injury to yourself or others, it is an important pool safety tip to enter the pool with your feet first. The exception to this is if your pool has a deep end that is approved for diving.

  • Take a Break

When anyone is tired, it creates an enhanced risk for injury or poor decision making. Have swimmers take breaks after long bouts of swimming, hydrate properly, and even head inside to rest when needed. 

  • Plastic Only

Often, you’ll have guests over who want to bring food and drinks out to your pool area. Remind them not to have glass in and around your pool, so that your pool and your guests do not get injured if a glass cup or plate would accidentally break.

Out-of-the-Water Pool Safety Tips

  • Store Pool Chemicals Properly

Remember, pool chemicals are highly concentrated and should only be handled by a pool-educated adult. Store your pool chemicals high and out of sight to keep little hands from getting to them.

  • Store Pool Accessories Properly

Keep pool floats and toys stored away when not in use. It can be dangerous for pool accessories to be laid haphazardly on the pool deck. And when pool toys are left in the water, it may cause little ones or pets to fall in accidently while trying to retrieve them. 

  • No Running

Absolutely no running on the pool deck. Water can make the deck slippery and easy to fall on.

Extra Safety Features for Your Pool

  • Add a Pool Cover

With a LOOP-LOC® Safety Pool Cover, you can have peace of mind knowing that children, pets, or other unwanted visitors will not be able to enter your pool. It is custom designed for your pool so that the fit is perfectly tight.

  • Install a Pool Fence

Not only are pool fences a legal requirement in Grapevine and Ft. Worth, but they are also effective at preventing animals or children from wandering into your pool unattended. Have a quality pool fence installed around your pool complete with self-locking gate.

Make pool safety a priority this summer. Contact us at A-Quality Pools about installing a pool cover, pool fence, new safety drain covers or other renovations that can make your pool as safe as can be. With pool safety tips every pool owner should know, you are well on your way to a safe swim season. We’d be happy to chat with you about more pool safety tips for keeping your friends and family safe. Give us a call at 817-587-8674 for all your pool needs.

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