DIY Pool Care Tips

This summer is the perfect time to hone your do-it-yourself pool skills. You can take pride in how sparkling and clean your pool is by becoming the pool master of all pool masters. Impress your neighbors and friends with the cleanest, most efficiently-running pool on the block. You can care for your pool and know that it’s done right. Here are our DIY pool care tips. 

Develop a Cleaning Checklist

Every responsible, well-seasoned pool owner knows that prevention is the best approach to pool maintenance. Make your daily habits include a pool care checklist, and you’ll be well on your way to having an efficiently-operating pool. You’ll also be able to recognize more easily and quickly any issues that need addressing. If anything is out of the ordinary, you’ll notice it. Here are some items to consider adding to your daily DIY pool care list.

  • Skim Regularly
    Regular, daily skimming of your pool is one of the easiest and simplest DIY pool care items you can add to your checklist. Make it a habit to skim the top of your water for any floating debris like leaves or grass. It’s easier on your equipment if your pool is cleaner to begin with.
  • Brush
    Just like you have to brush your teeth, your pool needs brushing to remove built-up grime and gunk, too. DIY pool people who have the cleanest pools are doing daily brushing.  
  • Test the Water
    Make sure you’re testing your water at least once a week, ideally twice. Your DIY pool care will be so much easier if you maintain evenly-balanced water chemicals. Consistent testing gives you a better idea of what your pool needs and when. Every DIY pool owner is well versed in how their pool chemicals work, which often comes from frequent practice. 

Invest in Automatic Pool Cleaners

Our best DIY pool care tip is to invest in your very own automatic pool cleaner. Automatic pool cleaners do so much of the pool care for you, so it’s really an easy decision. An automatic pool cleaner like the Polaris® ALPHA iQ Robotic Cleaner can clean your pool quickly while you focus your attention elsewhere. You can even invest in a model like the Maytronics® Dolphin™ Active 40 robotic pool cleaner that will scrub and brush your pool walls for you. 

The bottom line is this: automatic pool cleaners are the ultimate piece of equipment for the DIY pool owner. It’s a singular investment that can save you time and money over the long run of your time as a pool owner by increasing the longevity of your pump and filtration system. 

As always, our trained staff members at A-Quality Pools are more than happy to assist you with your DIY pool care needs. Are you ready to finally get that automatic pool cleaner? Great! Stop by our showroom where someone can walk you through the process. Would you just like a little more information on maintaining your pool yourself? We’re here for that, too. Give us a call at 817-281-0781.

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