DIY versus Professional Pool Care

If you’re an avid DIY-er, you may have considered performing some of your pool maintenance and upkeep yourself. But you may have also run into a couple of instances where you weren’t sure what the best approach would be. Sometimes you can do a lot of pool management yourself and save some money. At other times, the professional route is going to be the way to go. Here’s some valuable information on DIY versus professional pool care. 


Pool Closing

When it comes to closing your pool for the season, this is one area where you could tackle this project, if you’re up to it. This job includes tasks like taking in each component of your pool like your ladder or steps and properly storing them. You also want to inspect your pool for any cracks, damage, or leaks.  Make sure you add the proper chemicals for over-wintering, and instal your Loop-Loc™ pool cover. 

When you opt for a DIY approach here, you have complete control over how you store these components, and you can make sure everything is in proper working order. Take this time to plan any repairs or replacements you need to make, and your pool will be ready to go when it’s time to reopen in the spring. Closing your pool for the season is the DIY-er’s time to shine. And if you need professional help when it comes to closing down your pool, you know just who to call.

Cover Maintenance 

And remember, it’s great to check on your pool cover throughout the winter to ensure that it’s working properly. Check for proper tension and make sure the surface stays as clear as possible, so that there isn’t any debris poking holes into the material or excessive water causing stretching. You’ll also want to make sure the pool cover remains installed correctly, and that the safety mechanisms are intact, especially if you plan to have anyone around the pool area. This is definitely a time when it’s appropriate to do it yourself.

Hire a Professional 


Pool renovation is one of those times that we just recommend you hire a professional. Let’s face it, renovating a pool is a time you need some training and sometimes heavy equipment. Pool renovations require proper know-how, and there’s a lot of room for error. You need to know about proper materials, how they work, and how best to source them. You may even need access to excavating equipment or other heavy machinery. There really isn’t a better time to leave it to the professionals on this issue. 

Professionals can also take your pool to the next level with their expertise. In Tips for Planning a Pool Renovation, we discuss some of the ways renovation professionals can really help you up your pool game with the vast knowledge of the best options. You can really achieve the design of your dreams when you renovate to upgrade, if you trust the professionals. Think about also alleviating some of the stress that can come with pool renovations. You can even move toward saving money in the long run if you invest in the best upgrades that are more energy efficient. Do you want to know how to find out more? Call the professionals at A-Quality Pools today. 


Repairs are another time we think it’s best to call in the pool professionals. There are a few ways you know it’s time. When your pool develops a leak or your liner needs to be replaced, that is a good time to call for help. You could damage your pool liner if you don’t handle it properly upon installation. And certain surfacing materials have a high chance of not adhering properly if they aren’t handled well. The chance that a repair could go awry is just too high to risk, especially when you have experienced professionals to call. 

Pool Chemicals

Another area you may be tempted to DIY is with your pool chemicals. And honestly, this is probably another area where leaving it to the professionals is your best bet. Manufacturers specially design pool and spa chemicals, but they aren’t all created equally. If you’ve ever wondered if you can interchange your pool and spa chemicals, we address that here: Are Chemicals the Same for Pools and Hot Tubs? They’re actually not interchangeable, so you’ll want to follow the advice of professionals and chemical manufacturers. Use your pool chemicals strictly in your pool and you spa chemicals strictly in your spa. 

But what about big-box-store chemicals or even just bleach. We don’t recommend the DIY approach here for a few reasons. Specific pool chemicals like our poolife® line are optimized for the best care for your pool. The chlorine concentrations are higher and specifically designed to optimize the sanitization of your pool, and they’re amazingly user friendly. Poolife has designed all of the chemical options for ease of use with simple application designs. They also focus on maintaining the proper balance of chemicals in your pool for the best sanitization process and chemical efficiency. 

Household chemicals can be hard to measure and reach any sort of proper sanitization because they tend to be less concentrated. They also tend to break down faster, and your other chemical levels can become quickly imbalanced. While it may seem like a good idea to experiment with different chemical brands and options, we recommend following the professional advice. You’ll simply be better off. Financially, you won’t have to spend as much money on other chemicals to rebalance. And specifically-designed chemicals for pools are ultimately much safer. 

There’s a lot that you can do yourself when it comes to pool maintenance and care, and we encourage that! But we also want you to have realistic expectations about when it really is time to call the pool professionals. We all want what’s best for the life and functionality of your pool long term. Sometimes that means you should DIY, and sometimes that means calling the professionals. When you need to call someone, reach out to your local pool repair experts in North Richland Hills at A-Quality Pools. We’d love to get you the pool supplies you need or get you started on that big pool renovation

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