Does Sauna Bathing Actually Improve My Health?

Sauna bathing can actually improve your health

You’ve heard the hype. Sauna bathing can make you thinner, smarter, healthier, wiser, and fold your laundry — but what’s actually true? We all know that a lot of marketing is just hype. There may be some truth, but nothing definitive. So, what about a sauna? You may find yourself thinking, “Does sauna bathing actually improve my health?” The answer is actually yes!

How Does a Sauna Work (Particularly in Already Hot Texas)?

We know what you’re probably thinking, “I live around Fort Worth, Texas. My life IS a sauna.” But the way a sauna actually works is a little different than the weather we experience here. 

A traditional sauna uses an electric or wood-powered heater to heat the air in a wooden room to 190° Fahrenheit or higher. You can choose a dry sauna experience or opt for a wet sauna experience by pouring some water over the hot rocks inside your sauna known as sauna stones. Get the optimal sauna experience by alternating between dry sessions and wet sessions as you feel comfortable, with plenty of breaks and hydration in between. 

The health benefits start to show up as your body interacts with the heat. 

Sauna Bathing: Health Benefits of Almost Heaven® Saunas

There’s definitely a learning curve when it comes to sauna bathing, but you’ll soon be able to see the benefits of the heat. You’ll want to start out slow with short sessions and plenty of hydration. 

The heat in a sauna helps the body to increase blood circulation, which means that your whole body gets the much-needed blood supply and oxygen it needs. The increase in heat and blood circulation can help some people relax, which is a huge health booster in and of itself. The heat from your sauna session can also help decrease pain and may increase joint mobility.  

We recommend using your sauna on a regular schedule at least once or twice a week to reap the full benefits of sauna bathing. Everyone’s sauna experience will be different, but there are a lot of potential health benefits that you could see from regular, careful use. 

Where to Find Your Almost Heaven Sauna in the Fort Worth Area

At A-Quality Pools, we love the Almost Heaven line of saunas. There are so many options to choose from that you’re almost certain to discover the perfect sauna for your needs. You can choose from saunas that seat 2, 4, 6, or 8 people. Create an intimate setting with the two-person sauna or invite all of your friends with the eight-person sauna choices. We offer indoor luxury and outdoor cabin models that will fit both your needs and your style. 

Stop on by our A-Quality Pools location in North Richland Hills, Texas, and we’ll help you find the best option for a sauna near you. We even have a cabin model set up for viewing in our showroom. The experts at A-Quality Pools are ready to help you with all your sauna needs to improve your health and make every day better than the one before.

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