6 Home Improvement Projects to Promote Good Health

6 Home Improvement Projects to Promote Good Health

There are few things as freeing and life-giving as good health and whole-body well-being. When even one part of your body is chronically achy, tender, or out of sorts in some way, the rest of your body can suffer. At A-Quality Pools, we seek to help our customers be the best and healthiest version of themselves through outdoor living. One of the best ways to feel fit and regain your health is with the proper equipment and routines in place around your home. Check out our list of six home improvement projects to promote good health. 

The Addition of a Sauna Can Help Improve Your Health

One wonderful option for improving your health is with the installation of an in-home sauna. Saunas have many amazing health and wellness benefits that include improved skin clarity, decreased cortisol levels, improved immune function, and decreased inflammation, among others. You can even burn up calories by just sitting in and using your sauna. If you are searching for a “sauna near me,” look no further. Almost Heaven® Saunas are made in the USA with high-quality lumber and other components. You can choose from indoor or outdoor sauna options to meet your needs. To learn more about the amazing whole-body benefits of a sauna, read here about how sauna bathing can actually improve your health

Install a Spa to Promote Good Health and Well-Being

Another home improvement project that can benefit your health is installing a spa for regular use. Just like a sauna, regularly using a spa has wonderful and proven health benefits. A spa has been shown to increase heart health, decrease insulin levels, decrease chronic joint pain, increase sleep quality, and more! And when a hot tub near me is your online search, you’ve found the premier place for hot tub enjoyment. Sundance® Spas have the unique Fluidix® jets for enhanced and targeted hydrotherapy benefits. In addition, you can gather with loved ones in your spa for quality time together, an act that also increases mental and physical health. For more on how a spa can help promote good health, read about these five ways regular spa use benefits your body. 

Switch Off Home Screens for Improved Well-Being

It can quickly become a habit to turn on your TV every night until bedtime while also scrolling social media on your phone. Not only does this put a strain on your eyes, it also does not promote an active, healthy lifestyle. Instead, mix up your nightly routine with a simple home improvement task: switch off all home screens. Instead of watching TV, spend time being active. Alternative activities can include walking around the neighborhood, tending to your flower beds and landscaping, or playing a backyard game with your family. 

Renovate Your Backyard Pool for Health Benefits

Utilizing your backyard pool is an excellent way to promote good health and increase healthy habits. Swimming laps for exercise is a wonderful low-impact cardiovascular exercise. In addition, there are lots of other ways to benefit from being in the pool. You can play pool games, practice pool yoga, or pump up the music to complete pool aerobics exercises. Even simply wading in your pool’s deep end burns calories and exercises lots of muscles at once. For an added challenge while exercising in the pool, you can use aquatic dumbbells or resistance weights to exercises. 

If your pool is not usable in its current state, or if a pool makeover would inspire you to be more active in it, consider a pool renovation. This is also an option when buying a home with an existing pool. At A-Quality Pools, we can help you design your dream pool and determine steps for how to create it through a pool renovation. Our team of pool builders and renovators are the best in the industry and hold high levels of integrity and skill. Read more about how we can renovate your swimming pool here. Promote good health at your house with a pool renovation. 

Make Your Outdoor Area a Place to Retreat and Relax

When you enjoy spending time in your outdoor space, it will become a place to retreat for rejuvenation and relaxation. This will prevent you from being a regular couch potato with little to no movement. Make over your outdoor area with new outdoor furniture, fun lighting, shade options, and other outdoor accessories. These small outdoor improvements will encourage you to spend more time outside where your movement will increase. Create an outdoor oasis to relax in and retreat to.

Install a Smoker-Grill to Increase Health Cooking 

Movement and exercise are very important pieces to a healthy lifestyle. However, they must also be coupled with healthy eating.  One way to improve your healthy eating habits is by cooking on a smoker-grill. Green Mountain® Grills is the best grill on the market and can be used to cook healthy meals including lean meats, nutritious vegetables, side dishes, and even desserts for an occasional treat. Green Mountain Grills are also fun and simple to use, so cooking healthy food is enjoyable to do. At A-Quality Pools, we can get you set up with Green Mountain Grill to begin cooking health foods today!

Additionally, Green Mountain Grills have several cooking accessories to add variety and fun to cooking healthy foods. With a GMG G-Mat, it is easy to cook heart healthy fish. Also, the pizza attachment allows you to create stone-fired pizza as a healthy alternative to delivery. Read here to learn more about how a smoker-grill contributes to a healthy diet.

Boost Your Health with Home Improvement Projects from A-Quality Pools

Your health and well-being are critical to enjoying your day and living life to the fullest. Chronic pain, excess weight, mental stressors, and other limitations can be debilitating. At A-Quality Pools, we want to help you live a healthy and fulfilling life. With a few home renovation projects, you can greatly improve your habits, lifestyle, and overall health. Consider these six home improvement projects to promote good health. 

To learn more about home improvement projects and the services A-Quality Pools can offer, contact our team. Come find out why we have been the number one choice for all things pool related in the North Richland Hills area and beyond for over 45 years. We seek not only to make your backyard dreams a reality, but to do so at an affordable price. Contact our team to get started with your home improvement projects and promote good health today. 

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