The Pros and Cons to Leaving Your Texas Pool Open All Year Long

The Pros and Cons to Leaving Your Texas Pool Open All Year Long

BBQ, football, and soda (talking ‘bout you, Dr. Pepper!): These are just a few of the many things that make Texas so wonderful. But, at A-Quality Pools, one of our favorite things about Texas is the milder fall to spring temperatures. And with temperate winter weather, Texas pool owners can leave their pool open all year long if they choose. As you consider this option, here are a few of the pros and cons to leaving your pool open all year long.

Pro: Pool Open All Year Long? You Get a Longer Swim Season

One of the best parts about keeping your pool open all year long is you can use it at any point.

There is no waiting for the pool opening in May. Have a random beautiful day in early spring? You can let the kids swim their hearts out. Toasty weather in late October? Cool off and have fun in your pool even after others have closed theirs for the season.

Pro: Prevent Algae Growth

Keeping your pool open all year can help prevent off-season algae growth. If you close your pool at the end of summer, the warm weather in fall and early spring is ideal for algae to flourish, especially under your pool cover. This can lead to a messy pool opening and an extensive cleaning day when the time comes. You can avoid this mess by keeping your pool open year-round. 

Pro: Freezing Weather? Easy!

Even with milder year-round temperatures, freezing weather does happen in Texas. In fact, according to, the DFW area has an average of 29 days a year that dip below freezing. But the good news is that they don’t usually stay that way. There is a simple solution for cold days: keep your filter and pump turned on. Doing so will keep the pool water warm and in motion and prevent it from freezing and causing damage to the plumbing and equipment. 

Con: Freezing Weather + No Power… Uh, Oh!

Keeping your pump running during cold temperatures is an easy solution… unless the electricity goes out. Without power, the heater and pump cannot run, and the water can freeze in the pool’s pipes and equipment, causing significant damage. How often does the electricity really go out, though? Well, it only takes once to make it a problem. In February of 2021, for example, many pool owners across Texas were without power for a long period of time in temperatures well below freezing.

Con: Year-Round Pool Maintenance for a Pool Open All Year Long

A pool that is open all year long is a pool that must be maintained all year long. Even if you are not using your pool in the off season, you need to continue cleaning the pool and balancing the water. If the water is not chemically balanced for any length of time, it can cause damage to the pool liner, plaster, or equipment. However, you can always sign up for weekly pool service with A-Quality Pools to make this task less burdensome. 

Choosing to keep your Texas pool open all year long or not is completely up to you! Whatever you decide, contact A-Quality Pools for all your pool needs anytime during the year. Call us today at 817-587-8980 or stop by our store in North Richland Hills.

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