There’s a Crack in My Pool! What Do I Do?

There's a crack in my pool! Here's what to do and who to call.

To an inground-pool owner, “There’s a crack in my pool!” has got to be the worst phrase known to man. It’s the only pool service issue we know that’s been known to put a quiver in a man’s voice and raise it two octaves. But here’s some good news: Cracks are repairable — and it’s probably not as big of a deal as you think. In fact, as scary as it can be to see a crack appear in your pool, most cracks don’t continue to spread. And the repair process is fairly straightforward. 

When it comes to cracks in a gunite pool, the damage can be broken down into three types: light, moderate, and extreme. Not sure which applies to your pool crack? Read on for a brief explanation of all three and what you can expect when it comes to repairing them. 

There’s a Crack in My Pool: Minor Pool Cracks

Repairing a small crack is easy enough that a good number of pool owners choose to DIY the fix. In essence, our service technician, or you if you decide to fix it yourself, will use a small scraper to slightly widen the crack. Next, brush away any substances and debris from the area. Then, apply a small amount of pool putty. The pool can stay filled for the whole process.

This easy and efficient method can help you get back to swimming quickly. Minimize your downtime and maximize your enjoyment with a quick pool crack fix from A-Quality Pools.

There’s a Crack in My Pool: Moderate Cracks

Depending on the damage, the technician may need to drain the pool. He’ll then remove a couple of hydrostatic plugs before widening the crack further. He’ll shape the crack in a way that will provide extra stability and then fill it with pool plaster.

This strong plaster is made to extend the life of your pool, giving you a reliable way to patch a moderate crack.

There’s a Crack in My Pool: Extreme Pool Cracks

Large cracks and damage may require stapling. With this kind of repair, the service technician will drain the pool and add perpendicular cuts along the crack about every 12-18 inches. Then, he will drill holes along the crack and attach steel staples. This method has been used on pools with major cracks, so you can feel pretty confident that your pool is repairable. 

There’s a Crack in My Pool: Who Do I Call for Help?

In short, you may be shocked to see a crack in your pool, but you don’t have to be alarmed. With an experienced pool repair technician, your pool will be back in top form in no time!

At A-Quality Pool Service, we happen to have a whole team of experienced pool technicians, so give us a call if you find a crack or any other damage in your pool. Fall is a great time for these types of renovations and repairs. Contact us today to get your pool on the schedule and we will make sure that your pool is in top condition for your spring opening.

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