Voltage Options for Hot Tubs

Shopping for a new hot tub? What’s the difference between a 120v hot tub and a 240v hot tub? We thought you’d never ask! Unless you’ve been in the market for your very own hot tub, it’s unlikely you even realized there are different voltage options for spas. But there are! You have two options, 120 volts or 240 volts, and each has its advantages.

Voltage Option: 120v

Spas that are designed with a 120v option are pretty versatile. Oftentimes, they are smaller than their 240v counterparts, but not always. The best part of these “plug-and-play” models is just that! You plug them in to a regular 120v outlet in your home (or outside your home), and they automatically work! Plug and play. It’s really that simple. And this simplicity can also mean more affordable, if that’s something you need. Another feature of any 120v model spa is that you can easily change the location of your spa without having to worry about any wiring work. As long as the hot tub is in reach of a wall outlet, you’re good to go. It’s portable! Or at least as portable as a full-size spa can be. 

One thing to consider about a 120v hot tub is that it will need its own dedicated circuit. You can’t plug more than one appliance into the same circuit as it will need to utilize all the power. So, you won’t be able to use your hair dryer and your spa from the same outlet (we know you’re terribly disappointed). The Denali® – 680™ Series by Sundance® Spas is one example of the plug-and-play hot tubs. This model will seat up to four people and plugs straight in. It’s a really great option for those of us who don’t like any extra fuss!

Voltage Option: 240v 

Most spas fall into the category of 240v models and for good reason. With more power, these spas are able to heat up faster and maintain that temperature more efficiently. They can support larger heaters and larger pumps, which means more features and potentially more power in those jets, making it perfect for hydrotherapy. If you need the extra features and also want your spa to maintain its temperature, then the 240v option is definitely for you. These models are also typically larger, so you should consider that if you have a large family or often host a lot of friends. The Aspen® – 880™ Series from Sundance® Spas is an excellent choice for a 240v hot tub. It seats at least 6 adults and has a unique bench that can seat two. In order to install a 240v hot tub, you’ll need to have the unit wired directly to your breaker box, but that is just a routine operation for the experts. 

If you’re interested in making all of your spa dreams come true, and you’d like to explore your different voltage options for hot tubs, make sure to visit our experts at A-Quality Pools, today!  Whether you choose a 120V or 240V hot tub, you are sure to find your perfect match at A-Quality Pools.

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