When to Close a Pool in Texas

When to Close a Pool in Texas

Children are starting back to school, football season is here, and you’re starting to dream about pumpkin flavored goodies. The signs are all around that summer is coming to a close and fall is just around the corner. With the changing of seasons, you may wonder when is the best time to close a pool in Texas.

In reality, we don’t close Texas pools based on the date on the calendar, but instead on the actual temperature of the water.

When your pool water consistently stays at or below 65-degrees Fahrenheit,

it’s time to close your Texas pool.

This applies to both in-ground and above-ground swimming pools.

Close a Pool When the Weather Has Cooled

In Texas, we have the wonderful benefit of an extended pool season thanks to warmer year-round temperatures. You can easily swim well into September and beyond! Before closing your pool for the season, you want to wait until the weather (and your pool water) has cooled down. In the Fort Worth area, the outside temperature doesn’t typically begin to cool down until October or even November. 

When the water is cool, not only is it too chilly for swimming but it is also better for winterizing and covering your pool. If the water and outside temperature are still warm, your pool closing chemicals will be consumed too quickly and can lead to algae and other growths forming in your pool. This can lead to a green and gross pool opening next spring.

Or, Keep Your Pool Open All Year

Alternatively, you don’t have to close your pool for the winter in Texas. With mild winters, pool owners in Fort Worth and the surrounding areas can keep their pools open all year long — especially if you have a pool heater. On the few days a year that reach below freezing, keep your pool pump on so the water is constantly circulating, and water does not freeze in the pipes. By keeping your pool open all year, your family can enjoy swimming anytime a warm day arrives. Do keep in mind, though, keeping your pool open year-round means year-round pool maintenance. 

What You Need to Close a Pool

As you consider when to close a pool, it’s also important to plan for what you will need to do so. To close a pool, you will need pool closing chemicals — specifically algaecide, pool enzymes and pool shock. Stop by our store and we can help you find just what you need for a pool closing.

Additionally, a pool cover is critical to keep your family, your neighbors, and animals safe in the off season. LOOP-LOC® Pool Covers are the industry’s strongest and most reliable pool safety cover. Place your order for a custom LOOP-LOC cover now for it to arrive just in time for pool closing. 

Let A-Quality Pools Help!

If you’re not sure how to properly close your pool, or if you just don’t have time, we can help! At A-Quality Pools, we offer pool closing services to clean, shock, and balance your pool as well as install your cover. Then in the spring, we also offer pool opening services. Give us a call to schedule your pool closing before it’s too late. 

If you’d like to learn more about how to close a pool in Texas, stop by to talk with our pool experts. Contact A-Quality Pools today!

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