8 Must-Have Grill Accessories

8 Must-Have Grill Accessories

Everyone give yourself a pat on the back. We made it through winter and grill season is upon us! This year, take your backyard cooking to the next level with a Green Mountain Grill. Get precise temperatures, unbeatable flavor, and a massive grill space with these amazing pellet grills. Not to mention, Green Mountain Grills come with revolutionary Wi-Fi smart control, allowing you to control and monitor your grill from afar. No matter if you’re an experienced Green Mountain Grill pit master or considering adding one to your home, here are 8 must-have grill accessories for this grill season. 

Grill Utensils

Grill utensils may seem basic, but Green Mountain Grill’s utensils are anything but standard. These stainless steel tools are stunning and extremely durable. The long handles keep you safe when in use and the looped ends allow you to conveniently store them on the side tray hooks of your grill. This set includes the essentials: serrated spatula, bottle opener, tongs, fork, and knife. 

Hardwood Pellets

With high-quality wood pellets, you get a more efficient grilling experience and a more flavorful end product. Choose from one of our four exquisite flavor pellet blends.

BBQ Dry Rub

Green Mountain Grills has perfected the grilling experience with these BBQ dry rubs! Get exquisite flavor and prepare yourself for all the compliments from others. These rubs come in a variety of flavors to match your meat or food of choice.

Digital Thermometer

With a digital food thermometer, you can get instant readings on the temperature of your meats and other foods. Take the guesswork out and get an accurate reading fast for precise cooking.

Griddle Converter

Griddle cooking is all the rage and we are here for it. With this griddle converter, turn your Green Mountain Grill into a mean, green mountain stovetop. Add that irresistible smokey flavor to eggs, pancakes, sandwiches, bacon, and more. (The Green Mountain Grill griddle is only compatible with select models.)

Thin Blue Smoker Tube

Do you love that smoky flavor? If so, you will love the Thin Blue Smoker Tube. With this addition to your grill, add a more intense, delicious smoky flavor to your food. Check out how to use the Thin Blue Smoker Tube here. 


Fresh, summer veggies are the perfect side to your grilled meats. The Green Mountain Grill G-Mat is Teflon coated and designed to make grilling delicate foods like vegetables and fish foolproof.

Pizza Attachment

Say goodbye to delivery! Enjoy tasty wood fire pizzas cooked right in your own backyard. This Green Mountain Grill pizza attachment captures high heat in the baking chamber with the pizza stone. This creates a perfectly crisp crust with soft, doughy inside every time.

Let A-Quality Pool help you make this grill season one to remember. Add some of these must-have grill accessories to your Green Mountain Grill. To learn more about these amazing pellet grills, stop by our North Richland Hills store or give us a call at 817-587-9130. Order your Green Mountain Grill accessories online, or contact us today to make this grill season one to remember.

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