How to Effectively Prepare Your Swimming Pool for a Spring Storm

Prepare Your Swimming Pool for a Spring Storm

Spring in Texas means hot weather is around the corner. It also means you can start expecting spring storms to hit. From light drizzles to raging thunderstorms, all that precipitation and wind can have negative effects on your pool. So, what do you need to do to prepare your swimming pool for a spring storm?

Here are some easy steps:

  1. Treat pool water before the storm hits. Shock your pool and balance chemical levels to prevent algae and bacteria.
  2. Clear out or secure loose items. Prevent furniture, toys, and loose equipment from blowing around.
  3. Shut off power to the pool equipment. Power surges and water don’t mix. Keep safe by turning off the power.
  4. Avoid covering your pool. It may seem like the right way to go, but keeping the pool uncovered prevents damage.

Treat Your Pool Water in Advance

Rainwater doesn’t do anything good for pools. When this nitrogen-rich, acidic water falls from the sky and into your pool, it messes up the chemical balance. Bacteria is present in rainwater, particularly when it’s running off of tree branches or a roof. Bacteria breeds algae, and algae gives you a pool that’s not very inviting.

To prevent algae growth after a heavy rainfall, treat your pool before the rain begins:

  • Shock your pool to raise the level of chlorine.
  • Balance alkalinity and pH before the storm.
  • Keep pool water treated against algae with an algaecide.
  • Make sure your filter is cleaned or replaced.

Clear the Pool Area of Loose Items

Pool toys, loose accessories, furniture, and equipment will fly around during a storm. To prevent damage to the items as well as to your property, haul what you can indoors. Use your garage, pool house, or basement to store items.

If you don’t have space to move furniture or other larger items inside, make sure it’s anchored down so it won’t move. The last thing you want is for a pool chair or table to do damage to your pool.

Shut Off Power to the Pool Equipment

Electrical equipment should be powered down during a bad storm. With power surges or outages, the pool equipment itself could become damaged. Unplugging helps prevent costly replacements.

Resist the Urge to Cover Your Pool

You may be thinking that covering your pool will prevent the chemical imbalances we talked about earlier. You’re right, it would help. However, with wind at high speeds, branches and other debris will be flying around. One big hit to your pool cover and the damage could be irreparable. It’s easier and cheaper to keep your pool uncovered during the more violent storms. Just test and adjust chemical levels afterwards.

Prepare Your Swimming Pool for a Spring Storm at A-Quality Pools

Rain certainly isn’t the enemy. Your lawn, flower beds, and vegetable gardens all love a good rainfall. You do need to prepare your swimming pool for a spring storm, though. If you need help servicing your pool before or after a heavy rainfall, A-Quality Pools is here to help. Visit our website or call us to find out about our maintenance services that keep your pool in pristine condition all year round.

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