How to Store Pool Chemicals Over the Winter

How to Store Pool Chemicals Over the Winter

When preparing for swim season, there is a long list of things to do before you can start splishing and splashing. In the same way, pool owners have preparation to do for the off-season as well. This may include safely storing your pool chemicals when your pool isn’t in use. Storing your chemicals safely is very important for protecting your family and keeping your chemicals viable. Let us explain how to store pool chemicals over the winter. 

Put Safety First When Storing Pool Chemicals

First and foremost, you want to store your chemicals safely over the winter. All pool chemicals should be stored out of reach and locked up to prevent children or animals from harm. You should also store all chemicals in their original container. If you transfer chemicals to a different container, even one you have washed, there can still be lingering chemical residue that can cause an unsafe and potentially harmful reaction. The same goes for scoops or other measuring cups that come with your pool chemicals as well. 

Pick A Cool, Dry Location

In Tarrant County, winters are mostly mild with only a few days below freezing. This is helpful when storing pool chemicals for winter! You want to find a cool, dry location such as an outdoor storage shed. Overexposure to heat, sunlight, or humidity can cause chemicals to react or become ineffective. It is also best that your chemicals do not freeze, as it can cause them to lose potency.

Order Matters When Storing Chemicals

The order in which you store your chemicals is very important for several reasons. When storing chemicals at various heights, never store liquids above solids. This can help prevent unwanted and even dangerous chemical reactions in the event that your liquid chemicals spill or drip. Also, you want to keep chlorine and oxidizers away from acids in storage. 

Separate from Other Outdoor Chemicals 

You may also have other chemicals to store over winter such as pesticides or lawn care chemicals. It is very important to keep these separated from your pool chemicals. In doing so, you can prevent them from mixing if there is a spill and causing a chemical reaction. You also want to prevent them from absorbing into each other. Pool chemicals that have absorbed even small amounts of other outdoor chemicals are unsafe to use.

Pick a Spot with Adequate Ventilation

It is also a good idea to pick a spot with adequate ventilation. Pool chemicals, especially chlorine, can put off fumes that you don’t want to inhale in a closed space.

At A-Quality Pools, we know that taking just a few simple precautions can keep your family and pets safe from pool chemicals during the off-season. If you’d like to learn more about how to store pool chemicals over winter, contact our team at 817-835-7210 or stop by our store in North Richland Hills today. Or, if you’d rather, we can take care of all your pool chemistry and care needs. Sign up for A-Quality Pools’ weekly pool maintenance route, including fall and winter service! 

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