How to Select the Right Hot Tub

How to Select the Right Hot Tub

Deciding to purchase a hot tub for your home is an easy choice! Hot tubs are known for life changing hydrotherapy benefits, increasing quality time with loved ones, improving your home value, and so much more. The more challenging choice is deciding which hot tub is best for you and your family. With dozens of hot tub brands, scores of different models, and endless available features, it can be overwhelming to find the best one for you.

At A-Quality Pools, we have been in the hot tub industry for over 45 years. With the experience and expertise gained during that time, we can help make your decision easier! Here are a few questions you should ask when trying to select the right hot tub for you.

What is My Hot Tub Budget?

The best place to start when choosing a hot tub is to determine your hot tub budget. Hot tubs can range in price from hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands. So, why are there such different price points for hot tubs? Price variation in hot tubs has a lot to do with the quality and reputation of the hot tub brand, overall quality, size, and features. 

At A-Quality Pools, we have hot tubs available for every budget. Choose from the more affordable Sundance® Splash® Series,  the luxurious 980® series, or anything in between. You will find the best brand of hot tub for the money at A-Quality Pools. Contact us to learn more about exact hot tub prices for each Sundance model, along with current offers and savings.

Regardless of the extent of your budget, you do not have to overspend on a hot tub. Choose between various hot tub sizes, installation options, voltage requirements, and hot tub features to alter the price point.

What is the Best Hot Tub Size for My Family?

Size is another important factor when looking for the best hot tubs. When determining the right size for your family, there are two aspects to consider: number of people it will hold and your available space for installation.

For determining the number of seats needed in a hot tub, consider how many people will use your hot tub on average. You may also want to think through if you plan to regularly host friends and neighbors for hot tub get-togethers. For whatever your hot tub needs are, Sundance Spas has a variety of size options. Choose between smaller two to three person hot tubs, medium sized four to five person hot tubs, and the larger six plus person hot tubs.

You also need to determine the amount of space you have available in your backyard, deck, basement, or patio for installation. Keep in mind, in addition to the actual hot tub footprint, you will also need some “elbow room” for entering and exiting, storing towels or hot tub chemicals, and accessing the inner components when needed, among other things. Read here to learn more about the various sizes in hot tubs and which might be best for your hot tub needs.

What Are My Must-Have Hot Tub Features?

Hot tub features are equal parts fun and practical! Finding the right hot tub for you includes finding the hot tub features that enhance your hot tub experience and enjoyment. Here are a few of the most popular must-have hot tub features.

  • Powerful Hot Tub Jets

Nobody wants weak hot tub jets. The good news is, Sundance Spas are anything but weak! Instead, they are known for their intelligent design with powerful jets for maximum massage and hydrotherapy benefits. In fact, Sundance’s patented Fluidix® Jets are designed to use a unique combination of air and water for a redefined massage that targets pressure points throughout your body. 

  • Advanced Technology

Don’t get stuck in the past with out of date, antiquated hot tub technology. Sundance Spas is one of the leaders in cutting edge technology with advanced automation, superior components, SmartTub® Controls, and a user-friendly touch screen control panel

  • Energy Efficiency

Avoid wasted or unnecessary energy use (and money spent) with a Sundance Spa. Our hot tubs are equipped with energy efficient thermal elements for effective and energy-saving heating.

  • Premium Water Care System

Water care is necessary to hot tub ownership, so why not make it as simple and straightforward as possible? Sundance Spas does just that! With the exceptional tandem of the MicroClean® Ultra Filtration System and the CLEARRAY™ UV-C pathogens neutralizing technology, water care is both uncomplicated and highly effective.

  • Exciting Additional Features

Everyone loves a few additional features that make the hot tub experience a little more exciting and enjoyable. With a Sundance Spa, you can enjoy such features as SunScents™ aromatherapy, LED colored lighting, a Sundance exclusive drink tray, and more!

What is the Best Hot Tub Brand?

Finding the best hot tub is about far more than finding the best price or features. Selecting the right hot tub for you means finding a hot tub brand with an impeccable reputation for longevity, quality, customer care, and craftsmanship. This is why we exclusively carry Sundance Spas at A-Quality Pools. Since its inception in 1971, Sundance Spas has developed and maintained a reputation in the spa industry and with customers for excellence. 

Where are the Best Hot Tubs Near Me?

To purchase a Sundance Spa, partner with A-Quality Pools, the best hot tub store in Tarrant County, Texas. A-Quality Pools has been the leading source for all your hot tubs needs since 1975. Stop by our store in North Richland Hills to learn more about Sundance Spas and see them in person. Right now, we have Sundance Spas in stock and ready for delivery to your home. 

Choosing the right hot tub has never been easier! Visit our store or give us a call at 817-587-9130 to learn more about this extraordinary hot tub brand. Our team at A-Quality Pools can help you determine the best Sundance model to fit your budget, size, and preferences. Start experiencing the legendary comfort and relaxation of a Sundance Spa today!

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