What is the Best Brand of Hot Tub for the Money?

What is the Best Brand of Hot Tub for the Money?

Looking for the perfect hot tub is no small order. You want one that is affordable, yet powerful, and still well made with excellent features. At A-Quality Pools, we found one brand that has all these qualities, and our customers love it. So, what is the best brand of hot tub for the money? Here are a few of the reasons why Sundance Spas® are just what you’re looking for!

Excellent Hot Tub Prices to Match Your Budget

For many buyers, hot tub price is at the top of the list when it comes to their purchasing wish list and preferences. You want a hot tub that is affordable but still high quality, durable, and has a great reputation. Sundance Spas are all of these things! Choose from a range of affordable prices to match your budget and needs. From the lush six-person Kingston® to the more affordable Paisley™ (a plug and play hot tub from the Splash Series), we have something for you. Stop by our store to learn more about the hot tub prices on each of our models.   

Size Options to Meet Your Needs

With Sundance Spas, you will not be stuck with a hot tub that is too large or too small for your needs. With a variety of sizes to choose from, you get exactly what you desire! Choose from small two- to three-person hot tubs such as the Alicia®, medium sized hot tubs that seat four to five people such as the Marin®, or large hot tubs that can seat six plus people at a time such as the Claremont®. After determining what can fit in your backyard and how many users you will typically have, explore our large selection of hot tub sizes. 

Fun and Functional Features

Hot Tub Jets

Hot tub jets are one of the most important hot tub features, and Sundance Spas gets it right — part of what makes them the best brand of hot tub! How many jets are best for a hot tub? The best hot tub brands know that when it comes to jets, it’s less about the amount and more about the quality, power, and design of the jets. All Sundance Spas models feature the patented Fluidix® Jets with varying placements, massage types, and speeds, depending on the model. However, for those that are impressed by jet numbers, check out the Maxxus® and Aspen® models, boasting 65 and 66 jets respectively.  

Water Care

Sometimes first-time hot tub buyers feel skittish about hot tub maintenance and water care. However, Sundance Spas makes it simple and stress free. The MicroClean® Ultra Filtration System keeps water clear and filtered. Even more, the CLEARRAY UV-C technology found in all Sundance Spas models keeps water clear by neutralizing waterborne pathogens.

Additionally, you can bring a water sample to our store in North Richland Hills for a free water test anytime! Or you can sign up for our hot tub service, and our team of experts will keep your hot tub in tip-top shape for you. 

SmartTub System

Sundance Spas are easy to use with a touch screen control panel. You can also use the SmartTub® System to control your hot tub and its features directly from your smartphone. You can also receive alerts to your phone when your hot tub is due for maintenance or has other needs. 

Fun Features

Some models of Sundance Spas are equipped for aromatherapy! Add the specifically designed SunScents beads to enhance your spa experience. Another fun feature is the spa drink tray that allows you to keep your drink within reach. Make hydration and relaxation a priority while soaking in your spa. 

Not all spas are created equal. When searching for the best brand of hot tub, there are many factors to consider before making your decision. At A-Quality Pools, we know you don’t have to overspend to get an excellent hot tub. We are proud to carry Sundance hot tubs with their reputation for high-quality craftsmanship, durability, and affordable pricing. Are you ready to order a Sundance spa for your backyard? We have spas in stock and ready to deliver! Contact our team today at 817-587-8980 to order yours! 

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