Awesome Pool Equipment for 2021

New year, new pool equipment! Are you interested in controlling your pool from the comfort of your easy chair? How about making sure your pool is as clean as possible or having a beautiful rainbow of color in the water as you relax? Check out our suggestions for awesome pool equipment for your 2021 pool season.


iAquaLink® allows you to control your pool setting from literally anywhere as long as you have internet access. This control system links your pool equipment to your smart device, connecting through the internet via your router. As a result, it allows you to control your temperature… and power your filtering equipment on and off as needed… and schedule your pool cleaning — all from your smart device! You can optimize your equipment setup to best serve your needs. No more lost energy or cost if you forget to turn off the pool lights. Simply open iAquaLink on your smart device and turn them off. Did you forget to start the automatic pool cleaner before you left to run errands? Use iAquaLink to keep your afternoon swim plans on track. Clearly, iAquaLink is something to consider as an awesome addition to your pool equipment arsenal for the 2021 season. That way, you can spend less time managing your pool and more time relaxing.

DEL UV Ozone

The DEL UV Ozone Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) units will ease any fears you may have about keeping your swimming pool extra clean this year. This unit can take the cleanliness of your pool to the next level by oxidizing some of the microorganisms that may have become resistant to your normal chlorine routine. It also reduces the chemical demand of your pool. The unit uses UV Light and DEL’s Advanced Plasma Gap technology to increase the power of your sanitizers while also helping to get rid of some of the harsh chemical smells. Ease all of your sanitizing anxieties with the DEL AOP UV Ozone unit, so you can feel confident in how clean your pool is in the new year.

IntelliBrite® 5g White and Color-changing LED Pool and Spa Lighting

Swimming in an ever-changing rainbow can bring such joy and whimsy to any swim. Do the kids want to pretend to be magical sea creatures in a rainbow light show? Do the adults want to relax in a pool lit with a calming green glow? The IntelliBrite® 5g Color-changing LED pool lighting should be on your list of awesome pool equipment for 2021. 

The IntelliBrite® 5g Color-changing LED pool lighting system is by far the best option for swimming pool illumination. Also, it’s incredibly energy efficient without compromising on its ability to crisply and clearly brighten both your pool and your spirits. It has a specially designed lens and reflector that provide strong, clear lighting from LED technology that uses far less energy than many other swimming pool lighting options. So, if you’re looking to light up this new year, check out the IntelliBrite® 5g Color-changing LED pool and Spa lighting system. 

It’s time to get your swimming pool ready for the new year! For even more equipment that will take your pool experience to the next level, read this.

To add any or all of these awesome pool equipment upgrades to your arsenal in 2021, A-Quality Pools is ready to make it happen. Call us at 817-281-0781 or click here to send us a message right from our website. Imagine what joy the new year will bring.

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