Ward Off Winter Colds with a Hot Tub!

Ward off winter colds with a hot tub.

As the cool winter wind sweeps across the landscape, it is not surprising that the common cold isn’t lurking far behind. Winter colds, with its arsenal of fever, chills, sore throat, cough, and sniffles are the stuff of wintertime blues.

Your medicine cabinet holds an array of treatments. But there is one treatment you will not find contained in a blister pack of “take two and call me in the morning.” Having a soak in your own hot tub can offer you relief from the many symptoms you may be experiencing during the cold and flu season. Taking a few 20-minute soaks could be the very thing to make your cold symptoms more bearable. So get ready to ward off winter colds with a hot tub!

Battling Winter Colds Using Hot Tub Therapy

There is nothing more soothing to aching muscles and joints than the warm swirling waters of a spa cascading over you with gentle pressure. In between much-needed rest, a trip to the hot tub brings restorative relief as you fight off your cold symptoms.

Besides relief from aches and pains, a good soak can also help you fight congestion. By inhaling the warm steam-infused air, you will find that your sinuses will unclog and will allow you to breathe easier.

Another benefit that comes from spending time in your hot tub is its ability to help improve your sleep quality. A solid block of restful sleep can give your body more time to recover from illness. By using your spa before bedtime, you will fall asleep much easier.

Power Up Your Immunity with Hot Tub Therapy

If you have avoided catching dreaded winter colds thus far, then take full advantage of the general wellness a hot tub affords you. When you make soaking in your spa part of your normal routine, it can help you maintain a healthy immune system. Hot tub use provides relaxation for both body and mind and avoiding stress helps you to maintain a stronger immune system.

When you add in exercise and healthy eating, you have a powerful combination that just can’t be upstaged. With a strong immune system, you’ll pack a powerful punch against any wintertime illnesses that come knocking on the door of your good health. And should the occasional sniffle slip by, its effects will be greatly shortened with a strengthened immune system.

A Hot Tub is a Valuable Health and Wellness Resource

A hot tub is a valuable health and wellness resource, well worth adding to your home. Contact us today at A-Quality Pool Service. We will not only answer your questions, we can also show you the wonderful selection of hot tubs we have. We will help you find the perfect spa to fit your needs to ward off those wintertime illnesses. Don’t delay in giving yourself the gift of relaxation and health that can be found through the benefits of hot tub use. Come see us today for the best in hot tub benefits!

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