The Ultimate List of Equipment Every Pool Owner Needs

The Ultimate List of Equipment Every Pool Owner Needs

It’s never been easier to be a pool owner than right now. With all the available tools and accessories on the market it is darn near simple to maintain your pool. To make it even easier, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of equipment every pool owner needs. Now, make sure you’re fully equipped to take on this year’s pool season with zero regrets! 

Pool season will be here before you know it. Right now is the perfect time to plan ahead for the ways you can up your pool game this year. As you think about the awesome pool equipment for 2021 that you can add to your pool maintenance arsenal, let us highlight some absolute must-haves.

Ultimate Pool Pump 

An IntelliFlo® Variable Speed pump from Pentair is the first must-have on our ultimate list. Your pool has to have a pump, obviously. So, why not have the best? Pentair is paving the way with their ENERGYSTAR® certified pumps. These pumps do an amazing job at keeping your pool water and chemicals well circulated, and they do so with amazing, energy-saving efficiency. That energy savings translates directly into dollar savings which is one reason these pumps are on our ultimate list of pool equipment. 

Ultimate Pool Heater

When summer starts to wind down, you’re going to want to know what the best inground pool heater options are.The ultimate pool owner definitely needs a pool heater, and we have the best at A-Quality Pools with both Zodiac and Pentair options.

But what’s the ultimate choice, you may ask? We’re going to suggest a gas or propane heater simply for its ability to heat quickly and maintain specific temperature. The ultimate pool owner needs the ability to take a swim in cool temperatures. Most of the time here in Texas, pool owners don’t think much about a heater (winter 2021 excluded!), but it’s really the perfect climate to have one to get you through those cooler days when you’d really like to take a swim. A Pentair or Zodiac gas or propane heater is the ultimate option!

Ultimate Pool Cover

We know you’re already a good pool owner, and you probably already know why checking on your pool cover this winter is so important, but do you know what the ultimate pool cover is? We do!

The LOOP-LOC® safety cover is the best choice for the ultimate pool owner! These covers truly embody what a safe cover is. They meet and exceed the standards set forth by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) for safety. The way these covers attach to pool decks eliminates any spaces that allow for small animals or children to enter. 

LOOP-LOC® far exceeds the requirements for the amount of weight they can support which they’ve proven by testing their pool cover with an actual elephant!Elephant Standing on a Loop Loc Cover

And, on top of all that, LOOP-LOC® safety covers have a 15-year warranty. If any product needs to be on the ultimate list of pool equipment, it’s this cover.

Ultimate Pool Chemicals

One aspect of pool ownership that seems to be roadblock for some people is chemical balance and maintenance. So, naturally, when we think about the ultimate pool chemical option, we think it should be simple! 

And simple is what we have! It can’t get much easier than our poolife® Pool Care Systems. Each system is a 3-step process to clean and beautiful pool water every time. Your hardest decision will be choosing between the poolife® MPT Extra™or the poolife® Brite Stix® system. And all that takes is one conversation with one of our pool experts at A-Quality Pools!

Ultimate Robotic Pool Cleaner 

And since this is the ultimate list of equipment every pool owner needs, it would be incomplete without the mention of the best robotic pool cleaner for your pool. There are so many choices for automatic and robotic pool cleaners that it can be overwhelming trying to decide what you need. If we’re going “ultimate” here (which we are), we really like the Maytronics Dolphin M600 Robotic Pool Cleaner. This is a newer model of robotic cleaner from Maytronics and boasts some pretty impressive specifications. Specifications like a multi-layer filtration with an extra-large filter basket, three cleaning cycles, and bluetooth with WI-FI. This polite little robot cleaner even waits patiently at the edge of the pool at the end of its cleaning cycle for you to gather it up and put it away! That seems like the ultimate robotic pool cleaner to us!

Ultimate Maintenance Supplies

If you’ve owned a pool long, you’re no stranger to the ins and outs of pool maintenance, including winter maintenance.  At all times of the year, the ultimate pool owner should definitely have the following items on-hand in order to maintain the ultimate pool.

One invaluable tool is a pH test kit. Maintaining proper chemical balance is easier when you can easily identify the imbalances. We recommend testing your pool water at least once a week.

Another essential supply, an algae brush, is going to go a long way toward keeping your pool sparkling. You’ll want to brush to keep algae at bay and brush to prevent stains. So get an algae brush that can withstand the test of time.

And finally, our last ultimate recommendation would be a skimmer. This is the tool you are likely to use EVERY time you swim. It’s inevitable that small debris and the occasional bug are going to go for a swim in your pool, but you don’t have to share the space. Scoop those bugs out. The ultimate pool owner is absolutely going to have these maintenance supplies on hand and ready to go!

We know on your journey to becoming the ultimate pool owner, you’ve likely gotten a few of these items checked off of your own list. But what are you missing? What else do you need from our ultimate list of pool equipment? Drop by our showroom to get started checking off your ultimate equipment list. Or, if you’re dealing with damage, need a repair, or have questions about caring for your pool, give us a call! 

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