Why Are There Such Different Price Points for Hot Tubs?

Why are there such different price points for hot tubs?

When first time buyers are looking to invest in a hot tub, usually the first question is, “How much do hot tubs cost?” The answer might be slightly unsatisfying, though, because hot tub prices can vary greatly. For a variety of factors, hot tub prices can range from a few thousand dollars to up to $20,000 and more. So, why are there such different price points for hot tubs? Here are a few of the main reasons for the price variations in hot tubs and where you can get the best deal.

Brand Reputation 

The brand of hot tub can significantly alter the price. When a brand has proven to make high-quality, long-lasting hot tubs that customers love, it can increase the price. However, it is the mission of Sundance® Spas to make hot tubs with exceptional quality at affordable prices. This is part of what makes Sundance Spas some of the best hot tubs in the industry!

Quality of Construction and Materials

How a spa is constructed along with the quality of materials makes an impact on hot tub prices. With over 40 years in the industry, Sundance Spas is known for their excellent craftsmanship and reliability with prices for all budgets. When you purchase a Sundance Spa from A-Quality Pools, you can have confidence you will be enjoying your hot tub for years to come.   

Hot Tub Sizes

For obvious reasons, size can affect hot tub prices. Sundance Spas come in a range of sizes to match every need and budget. With five excellent hot tub series, you can choose from spas sized for two people, six plus people, and everything in between. 

Hot Tub Features

All Sundance Spas have excellent hot tub features! Even the most affordable Sundance Spas come with powerful jets, comfortable seating, LED water fountains, comfort pillows and more. With an increase in price, there are additional hot tub features you can enjoy. The Sundance 980® Series, for example, has a wide variety of features that are both fun and practical. These include aromatherapy, upgraded jets, enhanced water management systems, advanced smartphone controls, and more.

Hot Tub Voltage

Sundance Spas offer both the more affordable plug-and-play 110V hot tubs as well as the standard 220V hot tubs. For easy to install plug-and-play models, you can choose from the Paisley® and Berkeley®. 220V models have a higher hot tub voltage and therefore can have an increase in price. Sundance Spas in the 680®, 780®, 880®, and 980 series all use 220V. To learn more about hot tub voltage and which is best for you, contact our team.

How to Find a High Quality But Affordable Hot Tub

Are you looking for the best entry level hot tub? Contact A-Quality Pools to learn more about Sundance Spas and our excellent hot tub prices. With Sundance Spas, you will get luxury quality and features at an affordable price. We have spas in stock and ready for delivery. Order yours today!

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