Can I Have Healthy Long Hair with a Swimming Pool?

Woman with healthy long hair floating in swimming pool

There are so many benefits to having a pool. It promotes a healthy lifestyle, it helps you reach your fitness goals, and it enhances your family time. But how does swimming impact healthy long hair? One common complaint of pool owners is that routine swimming pool use damages healthy long hair. However, it is possible to have both a healthy body and healthy hair with a swimming pool.

We’ll discuss why pool water damages hair and how to keep it healthy while swimming daily.

How Swimming Can Damage Your Healthy Long Hair

The chlorine you use to keep your pool sanitary is the number one culprit of damaged hair. It dries out the scalp and hair alike. Chlorine actually strips your hair of its natural oils, causing it to become brittle and break at the ends. This leads to poor texture and appearance in your hair.

If you have a saltwater pool, you know the health and maintenance benefits of saltwater over chlorine. If you’re thinking your hair is better protected with saltwater, it’s true. It exposes you to less chemicals, and the gentleness of saltwater is easier on skin and hair.

How to Have Healthy Hair with a Swimming Pool

In order to maintain that long, healthy hair as an avid swimmer, you have to address the low moisture levels it creates. Following some simple hair care routines before, while, and after swimming will go a long way.

Protect Your Hair Before Swimming

It’s important to stop chlorine or saltwater from drying out your hair before jumping in the pool. The first step is to get it wet with regular water. Showering off before swimming is a great practice. Your hair soaks up the regular water, so it will absorb less pool water.

Another way to protect those locks is apply oil or leave-in conditioner prior to swimming. Coconut oil or even olive oil are great products to use on hair. They lock in moisture and create a barrier between your hair and the pool water.

Manage Your Hair While Swimming

Long hair gets tangled while swimming. While snarls aren’t harmful to your hair themselves, getting them out can cause damage. Raking a brush through wet, tangled hair causes a ton of breakage.

That’s why it’s important to contain your hair as much as possible while in the pool. Use a swim cap whenever you can or pull hair back into a style that keeps it tidy. The most efficient hairstyles for swimming are buns and braids.

Treat Your Hair After Swimming

Even after you’ve pre-treated your hair and managed it while swimming, it still gets wet and tangled. It’s just as important to wash and treat hair post-swim. Make sure you wash and condition your hair immediately afterwards. If you can’t shower right away, rinse your hair with regular water.

Some additional tips for after-swim hair care are:

  • Don’t use harsh shampoo. This will dry out your hair even more. Instead, use a hypoallergenic or natural shampoo with less chemicals.
  • Don’t brush hair while it’s soaked. Use a microfiber towel to absorb as much of the water as you can before you brush it out. A wet brush or comb is perfect, and a good leave-in conditioner can make brushing through your hair a breeze.
  • Avoid heat when possible. Give your hair a break from blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons. These dry and damage hair even more.

Having a pool is both fun and healthy, but those pool chemicals can do a number on your hair. Important ways to make sure you’re safe while swimming are to test your pool’s levels frequently and get it serviced regularly. Here at A-Quality Pools, we love helping you keep your pool clean and in good condition so you can stay happy and healthy while swimming. Reach out to book a service appointment or to find out more about our pool maintenance services!

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